These folks didn’t dress up, nor did they hire a babysitter and spend the night at a formal banquet in honor of Phantom Regiment. But they HAVE contributed to the 2006 “Phantom” Formal, a non-event that makes a world of difference to this great corps!

Janet Schabacker
Chuck and Penny Billman
Bill and Amy Russell
W. Brandstetter
Peg Ripley
Mike Megurdichian
Virginia Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Clark
Dorothy Elleson
Ken and Leatrice Bichsler
Beth Vinson
Mark McDonald
Janet Kjellstrom
Lois Grueneberg
Robert Larson
Greg Newell
Dr. John Wonderlick
Jerry Pelan
Steven Miller
Christine Garceau
Bertha Prather
Patricia Riggins
Jean Vanlandingham
Jody Deery
Craig Cary
Phyllis Gallano of Gallano Farms
Kathryn Mattison
Greg and Joy Brown
David Keith
David Wojcik
Jim Novak
Mark Patterson
Connie Fosberg
Reg and Sara Gilbert
Judy Boyle
Ben and Jane Feldmiller
Danny Adamson
Vicki Adams
Ray Gunderson
RF Turner
Lindsey Clark
John Weissgarber
Joanne Sollers
Mark and Tracy Newman
Michael Supko
Alpine Bank
Jim Cupen
Michael A. Grant
Anne McDaniel
Greg and Debby Eagle
Andrew Case
Larry Schneider and the National Assoc. for The Advancement of Contra Players
Phil and Elinor Alongi
Pam Lass
Ted Lang
Cathryn Huch
Dan Greer
Great Lakes Comm. Mgt. Group
Robert Madaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Tarnow
Erik Deichstetter
Bob Bidewell
Dan and Ann Proudfoot
Charles A. Taylor
Paul Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Baker III
Mike Green
Ron Mandernach