From a Dad who knows what he likes:

I would like to recommend my son, Zac Cannon from Pearl, MS for your Phantom Phan of the Month. I know you literally have thousands of people that would qualify for this award but my recommendation comes from a little different perspective.

Zac is a junior snare drummer with the Pearl “Pirate” Band in Pearl, MS. He is also a 2nd year member of the Mississippi Lions All-State Band (our all-state band). Zac loves Phantom for all the usual reasons: the high quality of drill, the drum line, and awesome show concepts.

From a parent’s perspective, I am thrilled that Zac loves Phantom for the following reasons: He attended Phantom’s snare camp last summer and got to be up close and personal with the students that make up Phantom Regiment. He was impressed with the friendliness of the corps, the professionalism of the students; the no-nonsense manner students handled themselves during and after rehearsals, the positive and upbeat manner in which the staff handled the students, and the organization as a whole. These elements of the corps go unnoticed by most people, but the fact that my son loves Phantom for these reasons makes me proud!

Zac was so impressed by the students of the 2005 Phantom Regiment that he came back home from camp and encouraged his friends to become Phantom Phans! His best friend, Daniel Johnson, even tried out for and made the 2006 Phantom Regiment on Euphonium after being pumped up by Zac!

Of course, Zac loves the genre of music that Phantom Regiment is famous for! The classic and serious music has always been a Phantom standard and that makes me even more proud because, you see, I am not only Zac’s dad…I am also his band director.

Whether Zac ever becomes a member of Phantom Regiment or not, I would like to thank the students and staff of Phantom Regiment for being so positive with the young people they come in contact with! You have made a positive impact on my son’s life and made us all Phantom Phans!

Good luck in 2006!

Jeff Cannon
Associate Director of Bands
Pearl Public Schools
Pearl, MS

Thanks Jeff! And Zac – thank YOU for being a great fan! Look for a special gift and keep on drumming!

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