Mr. Heiter’s efforts have won him a red and black Regiment baseball jersey and the new Regiment “skully” knit cap (check out the online store next week to get your “skully cap” too!). Read on:

Dear Phantom Regiment,

I certainly will be wearing something Regiment on April 1, but it will be just another Friday, as far as I’m concerned.

When I was in high school, Fridays during football season were “spirit days”. We were encouraged to wear the school colors (Kelly green, black, and white) to show support for our team. In my senior year, we won the Los Angeles City Championship, as did our band.

In 1979, I had become such a Phantom Phan that I decided to adopt the idea to the Regiment. Thus, since then, Fridays have been “Regiment Spirit Day” for me, with the exception of the day before the USC/UCLA game, when I wear the cardinal and gold of the Trojans.

In days when I had to wear a tie, I always had at least one which was designated as a “Friday tie”, as it was some combination of red, black, and white. Those ties were never worn on any other day. Since my employer observes Casual Fridays anyway (and we never wear ties), my current standard Friday outfit consists of black jeans, black tennis shoes, a black belt with a Regiment belt buckle, and a red short sleeved polo or red and black flannel long-sleeved shirt. In addition, I sleep in black or red athletic shorts or sweats and a Regiment t-shirt on Thursday and Friday nights. That way, I go to sleep and wake up in Phantom.

Twenty-six years, and you folks finally caught up with me. Wow. SUTA!!!!   

Michael Heiter, California