In drum corps, every step toward excellence counts. This year, as the Phantom Regiment embarked on its journey toward perfection, it found an unexpected home-away-from-home at Kentucky Wesleyan College (KWC) in Owensboro, KY. With heartfelt gratitude, the Regiment extends its appreciation to KWC for providing an exceptional spring training experience.

From the moment the Regiment arrived on the picturesque campus of KWC, the community’s warmth, and the staff’s professionalism enveloped them. The facilities provided were nothing short of top-notch, offering the perfect environment for rigorous rehearsals and meticulous preparations. Corps Director Dwight Emmert expressed his gratitude, remarking, “Having an accommodating and welcoming place like KWC to put the 2024 show on the field sets us up for success down the road.”

But it wasn’t just the facilities that made the experience unforgettable; it was the spirit of Owensboro itself. The community embraced the Regiment with open arms, fostering an atmosphere of support and encouragement that fueled their passion even further. Whether it was a friendly smile from a passerby or a word of encouragement shouted from the sidelines, the Phantom Regiment felt the genuine camaraderie of Owensboro every step of the way.

Tour Director Joe Taylor echoed this sentiment, stating, “We couldn’t ask for a better start to our summer tour. Owensboro has truly become a part of our identity this summer, and we’re immensely grateful for the hospitality we’ve received.” As the Regiment prepares to embark on its 21-city tour, it will carry with it the lessons learned and skills honed during spring training and the memories of the vibrant community that welcomed it with open arms.

As a token of their appreciation, the Phantom Regiment proudly dons KWC Panthers gear, a symbol of the bond forged between the corps and the college. Pictures of the Regiment members around campus in merchandise from the campus bookstore testify to Owensboro’s lasting impression on them.

As the Phantom Regiment bids farewell to Kentucky Wesleyan College, it does so with hearts full of gratitude and minds filled with memories that will last a lifetime. With renewed vigor and a deep sense of connection to Owensboro, the Regiment looks forward to returning in 2025, ready to create more unforgettable moments and continue its pursuit of excellence.