In a groundbreaking move that has stirred both excitement and bewilderment, Phantom Regiment is proud to announce a transformative shift in our identity: we are officially changing the drum corps’ color to green.

In light of recent developments, particularly The Cavaliers’ decision to reclaim their roots with red uniforms, we recognized the need for differentiation. After all, there can’t be two red Illinois corps vying for attention; it’s just not practical.

Enter the color green—a symbol of growth, vitality, and yes, a touch of envy. We watched with interest as The Cavaliers boldly moved back to red, and we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of admiration. But why stop at admiration when we could embrace change ourselves?

“It’s time for a fresh start,” declared Dr. Todd Snead, Programs Director. “Green is more than just a color; it’s a statement. It symbolizes our commitment to environmental sustainability and our desire to stand out in a sea of tradition.”

Phantom Regiment is not new to being environmentally conscious. For years, we have partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated during checkout at This simple idea has led to more than 1200 trees being planted by our fans.

Despite the initial backlash, we are confident that our decision will ultimately be met with acceptance and even admiration. “Change is never easy, but it’s necessary for progress,” Dr. Snead affirmed, his gaze fixed firmly on the horizon. “And if our decision to go green inspires even one person to think about environmental conservation, it will all be worth it.”

The future of Phantom Regiment looks greener than ever before. Here’s to daring to dream and daring to go green.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our April Fool’s joke. SPLUTA!