60thPhantom Regiment is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. There is much of which to be proud: its streak of earning elite status at the Drum Corps International World Championships has reached 43 years, the organization is on solid financial ground, it’s grown from a part-time local operation to three full-time employees with worldwide impact, and the future is bright.

The incredible accomplishments and success did not happen by chance. They took the hard work and dedication of hundreds of people over the years. Until now, there hasn’t been a traditional Hall of Fame to honor those who have made a significant impact on the organization. So, as its 60th anniversary approaches, Phantom Regiment is proud to announce the Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame.

Previously, Phantom Regiment recognized key individuals by adding their names to a “Heritage Award” and introducing them at the annual Show of Shows. This began in 1988. While this acted as a hall of fame, the name and process didn’t lend itself to acceptance or recognition either by the members or those associated with the organization. Last year, the board of directors voted to form a traditional hall of fame – effectively renaming the Heritage Award – and appointed a committee (chaired by Dan Richardson) to begin the process.

PR Hall of Fame HOFIn 2016, all 36 individuals whose names are on the Heritage Award will be inducted into the Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame. Starting next year, there will be a nomination and voting process to elect additional members who, by criteria, have “made a significant, long-lasting and positive impact on the Phantom Regiment organization.” Inductees will be announced each year at Show of Shows (July 9 this year) and the marching members’ banquet after DCI championships. A formal induction ceremony will take place the third Saturday in October (Oct. 15 this year).

The first induction ceremony will honor:

Don Ary Doug Glasscoe* Marian Armato Newcomer
John Baumgartner Mark Glasscoe* Dan Richardson
John Brazale* Jeff Godtland Ben & Marilyn Sandstrom
Michael Cesario Alex Haddad* Ron Schulz
Red Christensen* Helen Haddad* David St. Angel*
Wilbur Comstock* Scott Hansen* Bob Stolberg*
Grant Davidson Marty Hurley* Peg Stolberg
Dan Dever* Bob Kisting* Kathy Vigna
Ken Farrell* Bernie Koch Norman Wheeler
Tim Farrell Bob Lendman* Richard Wheeler
Dan Farrell Sue Meier* Jim Wren
Bob Flynn* Bud Neff* *deceased


Here is the process starting with the 2017 class:

  • Call for nominations: Jan. 15
    • Nominations can be submitted by anyone to the Hall of Fame Committee. One nomination letter is required and up to three supporting letters may be included.
  • Nominations closed: Feb. 28
  • Vetting process by Hall of Fame Committee: March 1-31
  • Voting packet sent: April 15
  • Voting deadline: May 15
  • Inductee announced at Show of Shows and DCI member banquet

The voting body will be Hall of Fame members, Phantom Regiment Board of Directors, Phantom Regiment Alumni Association Board of Directors, Hall of Fame Committee, Executive Director and Corps Director. There will be one vote per person.

Currently, the Hall of Fame Committee is: Cindi Baumgartner, Dan Farrell, Tim Farrell, Barb Janowski, David Kisting, Dan Richardson, Ron Schulz, Rick Valenzuela and Jim Wren.