My name is Sam Scallan, and I am Allison Scallan’s (soprano) dad.

I just got back from a one-week tour with Regiment. I thought you would like to hear from a volunteer and what it meant to me to tour with the corps.

– I learned that sausages-on-a-stick are not good cold.
– I learned that the sinks on the cook truck are 4 inches too low.
– I learned that you haven’t barbequed until you’ve cooked 400 hamburgers nonstop.
– I learned to look the other way when the corps is changing for a show in the gym and you’re just trying to fill up the ice chests.
– I learned to sleep like a baby on a moving bus.

I also learned why Allison is drawn back to the corps every year.

I made new friends and have memories I will carry with me always. I will never forget that for a brief moment in my life I was part of something wonderful.

Finally, I learned that every core value we as Americans hold sacred is taught in the corps.

Thanks for the memories.

Sam Scallan,
Pensacola, Fla.