Carichner previously taught Phantom Regiment’s horn line in 2006 and was on the brass staff for The Academy (Tempe, Ariz.) from 2006 to 2011, including serving as caption head since 2008. He replaces Ryan Bybee, who resigned as Phantom Regiment’s caption head after the season.

“It’s great to be bringing Christian back to the Regiment,” said Dan Farrell, program director. “I’ve watched his career closely, and he’s done some great work in and out of drum corps.”

Carichner, a New York native, is currently assistant professor of tuba and euphonium at University of Central Arkansas, where he also teaches jazz band and marching band. He has degrees from Ithaca College and Arizona State University and is working on a doctoral degree in educational leadership studies.

“What I hope to bring to Phantom is a compassionate approach to instruction and continued commitment to excellence in brass performance,” Carichner said. “For years, Phantom has been a dominant voice in the brass world of DCI, and I hope to enhance the already long-standing traditions of fire, passion, sensitivity and excellence in brass.”

He is looking forward to 2012 even though the calendar still has 4 months left in 2011.

“We have already assembled what I feel is an all-star staff to ensure that the members have an educational and enjoyable experience in 2012,” Carichner said.

Recently, Carichner, who lives in Conway, Ark., was a featured performer at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference. He has performed with ensembles all over the world, including the national tour of the hit Broadway musical “Chicago.”

When asked his thoughts on Phantom Regiment, he had this to say: “The thing I have always loved about Phantom is how it is able to reach out and grab the audience and connect with them in a way few others do. The goal for me is to bring out as much emotion from the hornline as possible and help the Regiment to create those magical performances that we all know and love.”