ROCKFORD, Ill. (Jan. 5, 2009) – Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce it will wear Fred J. Miller uniforms beginning with the 2009 season.

“Having known of the quality and service of Fred J. Miller for many years, I’m proud and excited to have Phantom Regiment once again partner with FJM,” said Rick Valenzuela, executive director of Phantom Regiment. “Not only is the service from FJM incomparable, so, too, is the design and quality of the products it produces. I believe FJM is a perfect match for Phantom Regiment.”

In partnering with Phantom Regiment, Fred J. Miller adds to its stable of drum corps a corps at the top of its game: Phantom Regiment is the reigning Drum Corps International World Champion and has finished among the top five in the world for seven consecutive seasons.

“Regiment’s reputation for power, passion and attention to detail makes it an ideal partner,” said Marlene Miller, CEO of FJM Inc.. “We’re confident we can exceed Regiment’s high expectations by providing our finest products and trademark service.”

As part of the deal, Phantom Regiment will exclusively wear Fred J. Miller uniforms for the hornline, drumline and color guard in addition to wearing MTX marching shoes. Phantom Regiment also will use Fred J. Miller flags and other color guard equipment.

FJM designer and Drum Corps International Hall of Famer Michael J. Cesario will work with the corps to re-imagine the “classic” Phantom Regiment image, something he helped to create more than 20 years ago. Cesario has a long history with Phantom Regiment. In 1994, he was awarded the Chevron Award, Phantom Regiment’s highest honor, for his achievements with the corps in the 1980s and ’90s. He also was honored in 1998 with the Phantom Regiment Alumni Association’s Heritage Award, which is given to individuals who have changed the corps for the better.

About Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment, based in Rockford, Ill., is a youth organization dedicated to the development of self-esteem and self-reliance. It encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, civic pride and contributions of one’s personal best to a group effort. These lessons are learned through a musical and marching activity in which there is a blending of the arts and athletics.

Founded in 1956, the corps won the world championship in 2008 and 1996 and has finished among the top three 11 times. It has the second-longest active streak of consecutive appearances in DCI’s world championship finals. The organization also sponsors several other educational opportunities, including camps for aspiring drum majors and percussionists as well as a fall marching band festival.

About Fred J. Miller Inc.

FJM Inc. has more than 55 years of experience in all phases of pageantry, during which it has developed an unparalleled reputation within the marching and pageantry industry. The company has been involved in the design and manufacture of more uniforms and performance wear for Drum Corps International finalists and semifinalists than all other uniform companies combined. It is a family-owned business and each family member has been involved in all aspects of the pageantry activity.

For more information about Fred J. Miller Inc., go to its Web site at


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