If you’ve seen the Phantom Regiment winter guard this year, you’ve probably noticed how great they look — and that’s in addition to the actual program itself. The look has everything to do with new sponsor Dance Sophisticates from Indianapolis, Ind.

This is the first year Regiment has teamed up with Dance Sophisticates, which sponsors Phantom Regiment Winter Guard and is a co-sponsor of the summer guard.

The service it has provided the winter guard has been outstanding, especially since it came on board late in the winter guard season.

“The costumes are AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful,” says winter guard director Adam Sage.

“We’re extremely happy with this new relationship with Dance Sophisticates, and we look forward to how they will help with the summer guard’s look as well,” Phantom Regiment executive director Rick Valenzuela said.

For more information on Dance Sophisticates, visit its Web site at www.dancesoph.com.