Hi, my name is Lynn Morehouse, a 15 year old freshman of Hamilton Southeastern HS in Fishers, Indiana. My love for Phantom…where shall I even start?!

Since I was 3 yrs old my older sister – who is now 30 – was obsessed with marching band and drum corps. She would tape the championships, and we’d watch it every other Saturday of the year, and on Thanksgiving we’d watch the one on tv, and the at least 3 previous years shows too. So I have grown up watching these corps.

Though my sister loved the Madison Scouts and Cadets, since I was 3 years old I have always been mind-set on Phantom Regiment. Never once did she change my mind.
Now here I am, 12 years down the road and still adoring Phantom Regiment with a passion. Just last year I got to attend my first LIVE DCI competition at Midwestern, it just happened my sister, her husband, my friend and I all went. I tell you I was blown away by the experience!

I sat in front of my seat and screamed the whole time. When I saw that corps march in, I started to cry while standing and screaming my lungs out. The whole time I was standing and screaming it was sooo emotional – I couldn’t believe it, that I was actually there seeing my drum corps!

After Phantom marched off the field I immediately ran to the souvenir booth, where I had been 5 times already that morning. In fact I was there when they had just opened up the brand new sweatshirt design *black with red chevron* (hoodie) and I was the first to buy one! Even though it was July, I put it on and wore it all day.
Then this last January I got a black and white puppy, whom I named Phanta, after Phantom Regiment, (she also has a white mask just like the Phantom of the opera, it’s so ironic!). Not only should that be proof of my craze for Phantom Regiment, but, last year in biology class we had to draw a picture of our future child might look like as a teenager, and in an outfit that represented their future. Of course, I put my “child” in a Phantom Regiment drum major uniform! It was so awsome and it got specially rewarded and framed, and even put in the hallway at our high school!

When you think that’s about all I have to say…well, it’s not yet ended….
Not too long ago I had a class project about future years and what we want to do in life. I made a 20 minute presentation on how I want to march Phantom Regiment, then become part of the staff. My classmates amazed me by how their attention span held. I actually had so many questions that I think I made some new Phans!
Last but not least: every Friday is Phantom Regiment day to me, where I wear my Phantom shirt, pants, shoes, hair accessories, and eye make-up just to support my drum corp!

My guard instructor used to march Regiment and told me more and more, for hours she would tell me about the corps, and I’d just awe at it. She is helping me work on my techqniques to get me through auditions when I can make it to an audition.

Well, those are just a few examples of how my life is “Phantom-centered”!


Lynn Morehouse – Fishers, Indiana

THANKS Lynn! We hope you’ll get the chance to march on the field with us someday. Until then, we hope you like this year’s show as much as all our others!