Level up your ensemble with a PR Residency

A year-long PR Residency offers a unique opportunity for ensembles located in the Midwest to receive hands-on consultation with Phantom Regiment musicians and staff. Our goal: facilitate meaningful interactions between directors and their students to help take ensembles to the next level.

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The Phantom Regiment Academy aims to inspire students to further their love for music, create personal connections with the performing arts, and acquire essential critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Looking for hands-on guidance from industry experts?

Led by some of the industry’s most accomplished individuals, the PR Residency program is a unique opportunity for both students and ensemble directors.

School programs enrolled in Residency programs have the unique opportunity to meet regularly with Phantom Regiment musicians and staff to learn ensemble skills, rehearsal techniques, and individual practice skills.

At this time, the PR Residency is open to ensemble programs within Illinois and the greater Midwest.

The staff of Phantom Regiment Academy works closely with ensemble and fine arts directors to customize a program based on your particular group’s goals and available resources.

Each group also has the opportunity to attend open rehearsals, live performances, and engage in sectional coaching activities.

Concert Band and ensemble skills are key components of the Phantom Regiment Academy Residency program.

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