Pups of Phantom Regiment

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Timber Cawthorne, Crystal Lake, IL

Timber is a Silver Lab and originally from Indiana. He’s the assistant video editor to Robert Cawthorne. He’s kind of dumb but great at fetch and a good companion during long days and nights spent at the computer. He’s best known for his role in the background of Zoom calls during the 2020 quarantine. He loves his buddy Colton (5 year old human) and barking at anything and everything that walks by the house. He has major separation anxiety when Robert is out of the house… like it’s really bad you guys!

Lindley Simerly, Omaha, NE

Lindley, a Nebraska native, resides in Omaha, NE where she lives with her owner Kellie Simerly who marched with the Phantom Regiment for four years in the euphonium section and is currently on visual staff. At the young age of 3 months, Lindley went to her first marching band rehearsal where she peacefully listened to the ensemble perform. Since her first exposure to the marching arts, Lindley has provided many laughs, smiles, and kisses to all her friends in band. Occasionally, Lindley provides input during rehearsals to make sure the best feedback is given and to remind people of her presence. Lindley’s favorite performance is the Phantom Regiment 2019 ballad, Fire of Eternal Glory. She couldn’t help but wag her tail listening to the sonorous sounds of the drum corps. She dreams of being able to attend a Phantom Regiment performance with her owner soon!

Luna Petro, Austin, TX

Luna is growing up in Austin, TX, her hometown, with her mom and former Phantom Regiment hornline member and horn sergeant Amanda Petro. She is full of energy and excitement about everything around her! Luna is still a young pup learning about the world and Phantom Regiment, but learned about her favorite corps during the 2020 Phan-a-Thon. As her mom is a high school band director, she is ready to learn all about marching band and meet so many students in her years to come! Luna would love to make it up to Rockford some day to meet all of the Phantom Regiment and gives every performer and staff member lots of kisses (in return for belly rubs, of course).

Riley Fibus, Oklahoma City, OK

Riley was welcomed into the Regiment phamily in 2017 when her owner Dan Fibus, a ‘11-13 Buick alum and current visual staff member, brought her home. Riley is a super active and silly beagle that loves to run and play. Unfortunately though, she does have a hard time stopping once in full sprint and tends to accidentally run into things. Those who know her say that she is the most loving and affectionate dog they’ve ever met. If you ever get the chance to snuggle with her, you’ll find out how true that is!

Lyric Reese, Irmo, SC

Lyric is a 6 month old black lab mix and her humans are Hannah Reese who has been marching in the colorguard at Regiment since 2016, and Abby Reese who has been playing mellophone here since 2019. Lyric loves to sing when she yawns and she’s also obsessed with water. Her favorite trick is “sit” and she’s very good at it. Her favorite toys are her squeaky tennis balls and her squeaky hotdog. She likes to nibble toes and going outside in the front yard. She’s cute but not very smart. Lyric hasn’t seen drum corps in person yet but she’s heard all about it and she can’t wait to cheer on the Regiment in 2021!

Lucy Lanning, Indianapolis, IN

Lucy Lanning was adopted from the Indianapolis Humane Society in 2016 by ’02-03 color guard Alumnus Robin (Hartowicz) Lanning and her husband, Brett. Lucy is a boxer/lab mutt who could easily take down a small bear if she had any self-awareness whatsoever. Her whip-like tail is responsible for the destruction of several wine glasses and a countless number of human thighs. She is a pro at cuddles, fetch, and dripping half of the water she attempts to drink onto the floor to be found by a socked foot. Lucy made her drum corps debut during the 2020 Phan-a-Thon, where she served as executive producer and lead (ahem…only) nap taker. She is an 80 pound lap dog with zero boundaries who loves every human she meets

Josie Newell, Tampa, FL

Josie Newell was adopted in 2010 from Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions in Tampa, Fla. Her parents are Teresa Newell and husband Greg Newell, a 1988-89 alumnus of Phantom Regiment and a member of the Board of Directors. She’s still angry about her mom putting this ridiculous hat on her head. Her favorite things are a long ride sleeping in her dad’s truck and laying in the water whenever she can. Storms and smoke detector noises would certainly rank among the great evils of the world. She likely wouldn’t care for watching a drum corps show but would be happy to stand there while people ask her parents, “Why is she so skinny?”

Ernie Newell, Tampa, FL

Ernie Newell was adopted in 2012 from the Pit Bull Ambassadors program at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Tampa, Fla. His parents are Greg Newell, a 1988-89 alumnus of Phantom Regiment who has served on the Board of Directors for 20 years, and wife Teresa. There is no doubt in Ernie’s mind that a ball – any ball – is the most glorious thing in the world, though it must be destroyed. His second favorite thing in the world is getting ready for a walk. He’s never seen a drum corps show but he does enjoy being in the line of fire when his dad plays his trombone. Ernie is named for legendary Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell.

Oliver & Beau James, St. Petersburg, FL

Oliver is a 3 year old Golden Doodle, and Beauregard is a 1 1/2 Sheepadoodle. They love to start their day by barking at the pool pump promptly at 8:30 AM.

Oliver is an avid hater of the lawn guys, but loves to cuddle at night on our bed. Beauregard loves to play with his brother, and has a special talent of body checking Oliver any chance he gets.

I hope they don’t have separation anxiety when this is all over.

Willow Smith-Bosch, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Willow is an Australian Shepherd, born and bred in Indiana. Her owners, Keegan Bosch (2014-2016) and Sarah Smith (2015-2016) marched with the Phantom Regiment on trumpet and in the guard, respectively. In the summer of 2017, Willow joined the Phamily working as a service animal for Keegan on tour staff. She now lives in Michigan, still working hard. On her breaks she enjoys napping and trying to eat the cats. She is passionate about clean feet, both as a visual instructor and as a dog who loves licking things.

Gaïa Miron, Quebec, Canada

Gaïa is a 6 month old Maltese from Quebec, Canada. Her momma is Laetitia Miron, more often known as Titi, who has been marching in the colorguard since 2019. Gaia’s favorite activities include running after her tail, hanging out in her family’s arms, destroying every toy she can and standing on her back paws to ask for a hug. She loves cheese (it’s her favorite) and she can’t wait to cheer on Regiment in 2021 and give them all the kisses!

Kenzie Lawrence, Alexandria, VA

Kenzie is a 4-year old Westiepoo that was rescued by alum Courtney Lawrence (Euphonium 2004-08, Brass Staff off and on including the 2020 that wasn’t…) in June of 2020. Kenzie is the most adorable thing ever and is still adjusting to life in a real, live home with a real, live person! She loves to cuddle and to run zoomies around the house after bath time. She also likes to dig imaginary holes in the bottom of her crate whenever she’s left all alone. She hasn’t seen drum corps yet, and is so excited to hang out with the Home Team next summer!

Olive Mills, Denver, CO

Olive Mills currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her human, Courtney. However, next week, Olive will be returning to her original home of Texas. In her leisure, Olive enjoys rope toys, napping, and being terrified of the 15 year old cat, with no claws, who resides with her.

Olive was at Phantom Regiment move-ins at WIU last year with her Mama and really enjoyed Macomb, Illinois. Previously, Olive was in attendance at a couple Troopers rehearsals in Casper, Wyoming. She would like to thank her Mama, her rope toy… but not the cat.

Mabel & Looch Grasso, Franklin, TN

Meet the siblings! Mabel and Looch are English Bulldogs from Franklin, TN. Mabel is 4 yrs old and Looch is 6 yrs old. Their human sister is Sophia Grasso who is a Phantomette in the Color Guard since 2019!

These pups love to travel! Last year, they traveled over 13,000 miles during the PR summer tour with their parents who volunteered with the food truck crew. They loved meeting so many friends who are now phamily! They put smiles on many faces and loved getting lots of hugs and love. Their favorite thing to do is sleep and snore when they aren’t playing with their favorite tennis ball.

They really miss being out on the road this summer but can’t wait to be on the road again for the 2021 season. From sleeping all day, listening to the show and cheering on their sis, they are some of Phantom Regiment’s biggest fans! ?

Jordan Junkin, Pearland, TX

Jordan is a 10 year old Duck Tolling Retriever. His owner, Dillon, marched in the trumpet section from 2015-2018. Jordan’s favorite activities include playing tug of war as well as barking at deer and pedestrians outside of his fence. If on the road, his favorite tour food would be peanut butter on a spoon. While more averse to loud noises in his older age, Jordan still loves the Phantom Regiment, especially their 2006 and 2015 encore renditions of Ave Maria. He also has a killer bandana collection!

Jordy Quamme, Deerfield, WI

Jordy is the cutest basset hound mix of Megan Quamme who was in the color guard for 4 years (2012-2015) and on tour staff in 2019. He was adopted in the spring of 2015 from a rescue organization where he was picked up as a stray in Oklahoma. Jordy has attended many camps and meals as stress relief for members and has watched a handful of rehearsals where he loves to sing along with the corps from the top of the stands. He is also trained as a therapy dog and helps with elementary reading programs. He goes to libraries near home and lets kids read their favorite book to him as long as they pet his belly before they leave. He loves sniffing at the dog park and playing with other dogs who are smaller than him. He is scared of balloons and large bouncy balls but loves all people and is a great cuddler!

Arlo Coger, Hickory, NC

Arlo lives with his two drum corps parents, his uncle and sister, kitten Josie, in Hickory, North Carolina. Mom, Amelia, marched mellophone with Phantom Regiment in 2018 and 2019. Arlo’s Dad, Andrew, marched with Spirit of Atlanta 16-18 and his uncle, Daniel, marched with Madison Scouts 17-19 and was contracted with Carolina Crown for the 2020 season. Needless to say, Arlo is part of a drum corps family! Arlo still has yet to go to a drum corps show, but he is so excited for when he’s able too. His favorite toy is a blue and orange ball (go Mavs). In his free time, he loves to sit on the back of the couch and look out the window. He also loves to go on long car rides. Arlo would like everyone to know that he is a good boy and his favorite treats are pup-cups and peanut butter pretzels!

Rigby James Barclay, Torrance, CA

This is Rigby James Barclay. He is 7 1/2 years old. Rigby’s mom, Emily (Fetcho) marched mellophone for Regiment from 2005 to 2009, and now she is on the Board of Directors. Rigby’s dad is Rick, who is the Blue Stars Percussion Caption Head. His mom and dad met teaching The Academy D&BC in 2010. Rigby likes to go to the local HS drumline’s rehearsals, as well as RCC rehearsals too, where his dad teaches. The only drum corps he’s ever seen in person was the Blue Devils, and those kids were really nice.

He lives in Torrance CA, and loves hot temps and sunshine, so drum corps would probably be a perfect fit!

Humphrey Robinson, Washington, DC

Humphrey is a pawsitively sweet newfypoo who lives with his mama, Christina, in Washington, DC. He is the gentle giant of the block and flaunts his fluff to receive extra chin rubs and snuggles from unsuspecting passersby. Humphrey enjoys walks to the park, playing fetch, and chasing bubbles and dragonflies. Humphrey saw the Phantom Regiment for the first time in 2019 when he went to visit mom. Christina Robinson, fondly known as Christina Bun, marched in the color guard 2018-2019. During the color guard seasons, Humphrey enjoys entertaining guard members with his absolutely adorable pupdates, and he provides uplifting woofs of wisdom to the entire team! Every other day of the year, he keeps busy by being the best friend a girl could have.

Shelby Baker, Frisco, TX

A 10 year old Great Pyrenees, Border Collie and Australian Shepard mix, her mom adopted her as a rescue in 2012. Her older brother, Wyatt Baker, marched mellophone in 2019 and plans to return in 2021. She loves naps, walks and barking at everything that passes by her house.

Olafur Monteiro/Saicharoen, Houston, TX

Olafur is a Shar-Pei/Lab mix. His home is with his two loving dads, Kevin Monteiro and Sonny Saicharoen. Kevin and Sonny have been a part of Phantom Regiment since 2018. Olafur is a 3 year old rescue dog and he loves to run and play fetch. His favorite toy is anything rope related. He loves spending his time sun bathing next to the patio and staring through the window as people walk by. When he wants you to give him attention he will start speaking to you until you play with him. He is a very good watch dog and is very protective of his family. He also loves kisses from any human that walks through the front door or pets him.

Aspen Monteiro/Saicharoen, Houston, TX

Aspen is a one year old German Shepard/ pit mix. His parents are Kevin Monteiro and Sonny Saicharoen. They have been a part of phantom regiment since 2018. He came from a litter of 4. His mom and dad belong to Leah Marsh who has been teaching at Phantom Regiment since the summer of 2018. Aspen favorite thing to do is cuddle and chase after shadows. He is scared of loud noises and objects that are taller than him. His favorite toys are stuffed animals and pillows. He loves to grunt when he stretches and he often has puppy dreams. Most of the time he thinks he’s a cat so he will try to squeeze himself into the most inconvenient places. Since he is still young he has no awareness whatsoever especially with his tail. He absolutely loves chewing on things he is not supposed to but uses his puppy stare to get out of trouble.

Joey Monteiro/Saicharoen, Houston, TX

Joey is a 2 year old Pug/Beagle mix. His humans are Kevin Monteiro and Sonny Saicharoen. He loves long walks and starting play fights with his other siblings. His favorite toys are tennis balls and ropes. He never runs out of energy and is always running in circles around the house. He loves water and Ice but he uses it as his excuse to go outside more often. He hates to be held upside down but loves to be held like an upright baby. Joey also loves car rides and knows how to roll down the window all by himself. He loves to cuddle and get right in between his dads at night or curl up into a ball on any pillow he can find. He has the body of a dog but the brain of a cat so he can jump really high and walks all over tables and ledges.

Luna Monteiro/Saicharoen, Houston, TX

Luna is a 2 year old Husky. She is a rescue dog. Her humans are Kevin Monteiro and Sonny Saicharoen. She started out as a foster dog but her owners got too attached. She loves to jump up and down from excitement and give you puppy kisses. Her favorite thing to do is sleep. She doesn’t really like toys but she will go crazy for some doggy treats. She becomes very attached to people easily and will mold her behavior to yours. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Luna loves to go on walks and meet new neighbors. She loves to play with her brother Joey the Pealgle. Her favorite place to be is in the bathroom tub. If you ever can’t find her check the tub. She loves to sit and keep you company while you do work.

Daisy Wilson, Rossville, TN

My name is Daisy. I’m 13 years old. I still loves to play and my owners says I’m a great pup! He marched Mello way back in 1998.

Fia Brooks, Rockford, IL

Your Hi my name is Fia. Not sure how old I am cause I got rescued by Neely (French Horn 83-87)and her girlfriend Juli. I guard the house from squires and rabbits and hang out in the sun room. I have never been to a drum corp show but I listen when my person practices the mellophone. Goes Here

Daniel Wren, Rockford, IL

Over the past 50 years we have named our dogs after drum corps personalities or classical music composers. Here are a few of the names: Dr Baggs, Mozart (Mo), Schubert (Bert), Duke Ellington, Tschaikovsky (Pete), Rachmaninov (Rocky), Elsa. Our new dachshund is named Dr Dan.

Mr. Wags Arnst, Phoenixville, PA

Mr. Wags is a rescue pup who originally hails from Missouri where his mommy was found pregnant while stray. Wags’ mom, Jen Arnst, marched Soprano in 1988 and aged out in Kanas City, Missouri. Just one of many signs that Wags was meant to be. At 11 weeks of age Wags made his way to Baltimore to a rescue where he met his new mom! He was listed as a sheltie mix. Full grown he is 13 pounds with really long legs and 80s crimpy hair on his ears. Wags is bouncy, runs really fast and loves everything and everyone. Squirrels tease him in our fenced yard so they can escape. He did jump in the bird bath, by accident, while trying to catch one . He has 4 feline siblings with whom he has an on/off relationship dependent upon how tired he is. His favorite toy is a mini TENNIS BALL!!!

Paisley MacWalter, Indianapolis, IN

Paisley MacWalter will be turning 4 this year, and lives in Indianapolis with her mom Sarah MacDougall, a Phantomette from 08-10. Paisley has yet to be exposed to drum corps or marching band because despite being really cute, she hates most people because they’re all trying to attack her dad. When she’s not barking at noises, Paisley enjoys chasing a laser pointer in circles and biting feet.

Phantom Taylor, Cary, IL

Phantom is the 10 year old Black Lab of the Taylor family (Joe-1991 soprano and tour director from 1998 to 2000). Phantom enjoys a good game of chase with the rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks that frequent the backyard (although these days the chase is not as exuberant as it used to be). Phantom enjoys multiple walks a day where he begs neighbors for treats and greets everyone with puppy-like enthusiasm. He’s also very good at giving slobbery kisses, begging for human food and letting Mom know when Dad has gone for a walk without him. Phantom’s claim to fame is the hunger strike he went on when “his kid” left for a summer of drum corps.