Do you use one of the many search engines to find something on the Internet? Do you want to help raise money for the Phantom Regiment by doing something you’re already doing? You can search the Internet and raise money for the Regiment!

There’s a new search engine that will donate $0.01 to us for every search you do. The search engine is powered by Yahoo!.

One penny may not seem like much, but everyone is always searching the Internet. The more people that hear about this, the better for us! So pass this info on to all of your family and friends and help support the Phantom Regiment.

Start searching here:

We’ve made it even easier by adding the Good Search logo on our front page of the website.

Send this article to your family and friends here.

In 2007, searching on GoodSearch helped us to raise $649.95! So keep up the great searching and spread the word. Let’s try to double that in 2008!!