As testimony to Phantom Regiment’s many successes in the percussion world (including a 2nd place finish at this summer’s DCI World Championships) note that this week is the Percussive Arts Society International Convention and Phantom Regiment will be well represented.

Known as the largest convention in the world for all genres of percussion, this year PASIC is being held in Columbus, Ohio.

Some highlights of Phantom Regiment representation:

The Phantom Regiment drum line will be on stage as featured clinic event at 4 pm on Saturday.

University of North Texas indoor line will be on stage in exhibition on Friday at 1:45 pm. Not only do many Regiment members perform in this acclaimed ensemble, but this is one of Phantom Regiment arranger/caption head Paul Rennick’s key groups, having earned the PASIC collegiate title over a dozen times.

We also have a contingent of current and recent members competing in the solo and ensemble competition, including:

Joe House – snare 03, 04, 05
Frank Nedley – tenors 03, 04 05
David Parks – tenors 03, 04, 05
Shane Snyder – tenors 05
Robert Houpe – pit 03, 04
Jake Remington – pit 05
Emily Winchip – pit 02, 04

Fully half of the adjudicators and evaluators being used for the solo, ensemble and large group performances are current or former staff and members of the Phantom Regiment percussion program, including Sandi Rennick, Jeff Prosperie, John Wooten, Troy Breaux, JJ Pipitone and Brian Mason.

The Texas Christian Universty Percussion Ensemble is a featured clinic event on Friday at 10 am. The TCU ensemble includes several current Phantom Regiment members.

Additional clinics and master classes that are being presented by Regiment-connected percussionists include a master class by Jeff Prosperie on Saturday at 2 pm and a clinic by Tim Fairbanks at 10 am on Thursday. Both Jeff and Tim were snare drummers in the corps (Jeff in 1987 and 1988, Tim from 1994 through 1996).

For more information on PASIC and the Phantom Regiment clinic, click on the link below.