The Phantom Regiment Organization is mourning the death of Bob Lendman, who served as both Regiment Cadet Director (1973-1974) and Regiment Director (assistant in 1975, director in 1976-1981). Bob passed away on Saturday, March 19 during a battle to recover from multiple injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Florida a few weeks ago.

Fondly remembered for his ability to connect with people, Bob had a knack for solving problems and taking control of situations. He just knew how to get things done. Bob had a way of talking to strangers and made them feel that they had been friends for a long time. If you didn’t know anything about drum corps or the Phantom Regiment, he would take time to tell you all the things you needed to know. Most of the members who marched with the corps in the late 1970’s can recall the first time they met Bob Lendman. There just wasn’t anyone quite like him and everyone who knew him had a “Bob story” to tell.

Bob was the first Regiment Director who had never marched in a drum corps himself. His first experience with drum corps was when his daughter, Joan, and son, David, joined the Phantom Regiment Cadets. Bob and his wife Allison, quickly found themselves involved in most aspects of corps volunteering. Bob soon was driving for the Cadets and then volunteered to become the Cadet Director. When Bob was hired to be the Regiment Director in 1976, the corps catapulted into the top 5 at DCI World Championships, where the corps remained during his tenure; being the bridesmaid three times during that period. It definitely was a strong series of years for the Regiment. Bob’s leadership during this period was vital to the success of the Corps.

For a while, the Regiment was truly a family affair for the Lendman family – with Allison joining Bob on tour as a chaperone, and Joan and David marching in the brass section.

Bob remained heavily involved with the drum corps activity after leaving the Regiment in 1981. Even though he later became involved with the Blue Stars, Star of Indiana and DCI, for many of us, no matter which drum corps jacket he was wearing, we still saw the Chevron. In many ways, he never left the Regiment. Through his own donations and his periodic fund-raising efforts, his support for the corps remained ongoing.

We know from conversations with the family, that among Bob’s music of choice in his hospital room after his accident was the Phantom Regiment Classics CD. That CD was playing at his bedside during his final moments.

The Phantom Regiment would not be what it is today without Bob Lendman, and the organization sends its sincere condolences to the Lendman family. The complete obituary appears on the Rockford Register Star website:

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