We would like to thank everyone that voted for us, and especially thank CITGO for this amazing opportunity. The Phantom Regiment was one of the winners in the 2012 CITGO Fueling Good program.

This is a great example on how our fans can help just by voting for us. Your votes do count!

This $5,000 in gas gift cards will help with one of our largest expenditures during the summer….our fuel bill. We had a $20,000 jump in our fuel expense last summer compared to the prior year. The fuel expense in 2011 was $75,000.

Every summer we just hope we don’t have a fuel crisis like we did in the summer of 2008. That year, our fuel expense was over $105,000!

This gift of $5,000 only makes up a small portion of our budgeted amount, but will definitely help especially if prices start to rise outside of our budget.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for us! It’s important to realize that your vote helped make this gift become a reality.

We also want to thank CITGO for providing this amazing opportunity to us, and all the other previous winners.

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