Phantom Regiment took the crowd at its 27th annual Show of Shows on a “Harmonic Journey” on Monday night.

More than 3,000 people packed into the stands to see an eight-corps lineup that included Colts, Cadets, Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment.

Colts’ show was very well-received by the big crowd, which gave them numerous ovations during the show.

Cadets kept the excitement going with their fast-moving “My Favorite Things” program.

Cavaliers, from nearby Rosemont, showed off some nifty drill moves and excellent drumming.

But the crowd was there to see Phantom Regiment and it roared its approval of the 2003 edition. Beautiful new white and black uniforms from Stanbury, awesome shiny horns from King, attractive black drums from Pearl — the Regiment looked great.

From the glorious opening statement of Canon in D to the magnificent Lord’s Prayer and the fast and aggressive Ostinato, Phantom Regiment captivated its audience.

A 76.2 was the highest score of the season for the Regiment and a good send-off to California.

Cavaliers, Cadets and Phantom Regiment joined food trucks for a combined snack after the show. Phantom Regiment then left at 1 a.m. to begin a four-day trek to Hayward, Calif., for its first West Coast swing since 1981.