Over 2 hours long, this comprehensive DVD chronicles the history of the Phantom Regiment decade-by-decade, with hundreds of film and photo images, all the way from the first parade the corps ever marched and on to the 2005 DCI final performance.

Jim Wren, Dan Richardson, Dan Farrell, John Baumgartner, Dave Kisting, Dave St. Angel, Tim Farrell, Mike Cesario, Bob Lendman, Tony Hall, Marty Hurley, Pat Seidling and others narrate this amazing 50 year journey.

Be sure to watch to the very end. The music that plays while the credits roll is the only live recording ever made of the Phantom Regiment performing “Elsa’s Processional to the Cathedral” with the Kansas City Symphony in 1989.

And as a special bonus track, relive the entire 1996 DCI final performance, compelete with video footage of the grand finale and announcment of the scores.

Who could ever forget “..and in 2nd place, which is the same as first…”

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