Our Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser’s initial campaign period only has 3 days left!! During the initial campaign, we have the opportunity to raise 20% per order (the normal rate is 5%).

Order Schwan’s & fundraise for PR here.

By purchasing through our campaign, not only are you helping us to provide a life-changing experience for our members, you are getting Schwan’s quality products delivered right to your door!

Several of our 2014 Members are participating in this fundraiser with 20% of your purchase going directly to them to help offset their membership. But the 20% donation period is over April 3, so please click on the link below to be directed to our page. You can either made a purchase through the corps page on the SUPPORT NOW button or look at the Fundraisers Tab and choose a member to sponsor directly.

Not sure what to order? Purchase an eCertificate for a future purchase and the donation goes up to 40%!!

Spring is finally here why not stock up on those BBQ steaks and popsicles now?? A HUGE thank you to Schwan’s for this opportunity!

Order Schwan’s & fundraise for PR here.