Chers Phans,

Salut! I am thrilled to say that the 2015 season has begun for the Phantom Regiment! We just finished our boot camp period, during which we wake up an hour before breakfast to run and condition. It is always challenging, but it’s also a really great way to get our bodies ready for the day, as well as for the rest of the summer.

Tuesday was the final boot camp day, and that evening we put on a little “show and tell” for the rest of the drum corps and the staff. The Phantomettes performed our dance warm-up, as well as a flag combination and some of this year’s show choreography.


The percussion section and the hornline played a full run-through of the show for us, as well as some of this year’s encore pieces. The hornline finished off the night by playing Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral, which never fails to make me cry… a lot. The hard work that I see every day is truly inspiring. Every section is working so hard to ensure that this season is something special.

Today was a very cold and rainy Rockford day, but that didn’t stop the Regiment from getting better. We got a major portion of the introductory choreography on the field in the drill, and did so without being discouraged by mother nature. We were able to combat the elements despite our flag silks being drenched and the soaking wet field. Fighting through tough moments like that are what make me feel like a stronger, professional performer.

Unfortunately, the rain meant that we couldn’t have ensemble this evening. I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow night, when I can finally be reunited with that one-of-a-kind drum corps on the field.

  • BREAKFAST: Waffles, CBYOJ (cereal, bananas, yogurt, and orange juice)
  • LUNCH: Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, and Rice Krispies
  • DINNER: Chicken and Rice, Broccoli, and a Dinner Roll
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: Putting on my warm sweatpants after a long block in the rain 🙂
  • SHOUT-OUT: Midori, Daylen, and Cody, who have already pushed us so hard and so far these past several days. We are so grateful!


Il faisait très froid aujourd’hui.

It was very cold today.

La performance est très difficile sous la pluie.

Performing in the rain is hard.

J’ai hâte de dancer demain!

I can’t wait to dance tomorrow!

À bientôt! Talk to you soon!

Genevieve Gahagan