David Cooksey


David Cooksey is active internationally as a music adjudicator and brass instructor. Over the course of the past 42 years David has spent 26 of those years adjudicating for a number of judging organizations around the world,

Drum Corps Midwest Judges Guild, Central States Judging Association, Drum Corps International, Bands of America, Drum Corps Japan, and Drum Corps Europe. During his time as an adjudicator he has had the privilege to judge at numerous local, state, regional, national and international contests, including (2) Drum Corps Europe Championships, (3) Drum Corps Japan Championships, and (7) Championship week panels for Drum Corps International.

Over the years as an adjudicator David has assumed numerous teaching and administrative roles, from Recruitment and Training Coordinator for new judges and later on as the Judge Coordinator for the Drum Corps Midwest Judges Guild. More recently in 2016 he was invited to work with The Drum Corps Europe Judges where he is currently the Education Advisor – Music.

Following his years of judging for DCI, David returned to the instructional ranks where he has spent the past 16 years as a brass instructor for a number of Americas top drum and bugle corps, those being The Madison Scouts, The Crossmen, The Cavaliers, and The Phantom Regiment. He is currently entering his 8th season with The Phantom Regiment as their low brass instructor.

David studied music at The University of Wisconsin, and Baylor University, majoring in brass performance on Tuba / Euphonium. He has also studied privately with some the world’s great brass teachers. He is a former student of Arnold Jacobs, John Fletcher, Harvey Phillips, and Ed Livingston. David is a graduate of Indiana University’s School of Medicine – School of Applied Health Sciences majoring in Respiratory Therapy. He currently works for VyAire Medical as a Sr. Quality Care Consultant.


David Cooksey

David Cooksey

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