Jessica Francis


Jessica Francis is excited to be back for her third year with the Phantom Regiment and first year as co-caption head. She is from Waterford, Michigan and teaches first and second grade for a living. She received both her Bachelors Degree and a Master’s in Education with a focus in Literacy, from Michigan State University.

From 2005 to 2008, Jessica marched with Glassmen from Toledo, Ohio and also taught there for four years. She is one of the directors of Interplay Winterguard and also teaches at the BOA Summer Symposium. “I love the Phantom Regiment for its ability to create a cohesive family atmosphere while also offering a challenge for its members and staff. I am thrilled to be back teaching and can’t wait to have another inspiring and motivating summer with the wonderfully talented people associated with the Phantom Regiment. “

Jessica Francis

Jessica Francis Guard Caption Head

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