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Our 2021 Year-End Goal

We believe that music, motion, and the passionate pursuit of excellence dramatically influences the leaders of tomorrow.

We know because we’ve seen it. For over 60 years, our accomplished alumni have taken the lessons learned from Phantom Regiment with them to lead ensembles, classrooms, businesses, communities, the armed forces, and more.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen our community come together in a powerful way. Together, we’ve experienced the heartbreak of a canceled season. We felt the anxiety of not knowing whether or not our organization – or even our activity – could survive. And, we felt the sheer elation that when we work together the result can be pure magic on a football field.

There is no question:
Phantom Regiment is stronger today, because of you.

As we look forward to 2022, you can help us continue this momentum with a gift to our Year-End campaign. This year, your support will help us purchase a new vehicle to tow our merchandise trailer – a revenue-generating operation that brings in over $200k annually in support of our programs!

Together, we survive. Together, we thrive.

Ways to Give

Santa Needs a New Sleigh

Santa in Truck Towing The Phan Shop Trailer

Help us purchase a new Merch Vehicle!

In the aftermath of the canceled 2020 season, we decided to sell the vehicle that pulls our merchandise trailer in an effort to cut costs. As we head into our first full season in two years, it’s time to get our merchandise operation back on the road.

There’s no doubt about it: Phantom Regiment is crushing the merch game.

Over the past two years, we’ve revamped our entire merchandise operation, making significant improvements such as:

Thanks to these improvements, The Phan Shop has become a crucial revenue-generating enterprise – one that does not rely on donor contributions to underwrite the Phantom Regiment mission.

Your donation to our 2021 Year-End campaign helps us purchase a top-of-the-line vehicle that will last for many years to come, and bring quality chevron branded gifts to all the good phans around the globe – kinda like another guy we know.


Psssst… check out the new trailer graphics in the image above – coming to a tour stop near you in 2022!!

Donor Wall of Fame

The following donors have supported the future of Phantom Regiment with a gift during our Year-End Giving Campaign.

Robin Lanning
Ed Catanzaro
John Jaeckel
Joanne Dawson
Anonymous Donor
David Rogers
Mark Dombroski
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Jeff Dahlberg
James Hanes
Tim Rutkoske
Curtis Tomlinson
Glen Brough
Karrin Estes
Tony Hall
Anonymous Donor
Byron Dill
Joanne Borck
Anonymous Donor
Barbara Benson
Jon Vandegrift
Anonymous Donor
William West
Susan Hess
Ron Schulz
Stacie Raymer
Ellen Evans
Philip & Leanna Mohr
Rebekah (Toner) Luebcke
Russ Libby
Anonymous Donor
Mark Farmer
Barry Lasswell
John Toupin
Margie Olszewski
Samuel Hofmann
Jon Vandegrift
Karen Wyle
Dave Barlow
Nancy St. Angel
Mary Philipps
Timothy Farrell
Nancy Snead
Steven Harden
Tony Hall
Kevin Peterson
Anonymous Donor
Rich Paull
Andy Jestafie
Stan Ginsburg
Mark Farmer
Jodi Phillips
Michael Heiter
Luana Capen
Scott Logsdon
Kevin Rearick
Evan Deehan
Ryan Guise
Amy Baker-Jones
Timothy Shadle
Vaughn Walter
Alice Swift
Tony & Mamie Hall
Diehlman Estes
Steve Girman
Dyann Noles
Jeff & Melissa Hassan
Jennifer Zalapi
Terry Burgess
Walter Damron
Frances Spinner
Kelly Couvelaire
Nancy St. Angel
Deanna Stuckey
Edward Collins
Tony & Mamie Hall
Billie Rodely
Allan Rodgers
Alfred Segovia
Susan Fordham
Cathy Russell-King
Lee Julian
Victoria Pittman
Melissa Jenkins
Connie Chiodo & Mike Childress
Aaron Ozminski
Robin Lanning
Paul England
Karen Wyle
Claire Schassberger
Sherry Webster
Joseph & Nicole Taylor
Craig Peters
Joe Cunningham
Gary Romanik
Greg Newell
Linda Riebock
Steve Girman
Gordon Luedke
Gretchen & Shannon Behimer
Melodie Barrow
Jeffrey Godtland
Michelle Ehrlich
Morgan Meissner
Michael Wegerson
Sara Neumann
Josh Palmer
Aaron Resing
Uri Bassillian
Diehlman Estes
Wayne Shipman
Lisa Motter
Martin Kvasnak
Ken & Barbara Janowski
Robert Mcconnell
Katherine Vehe
Kash Barker
Anonymous Donor
Dave Poncar
David Givens
James Joyce
Ronald Emmert
Catherine Delano
Heidi Guell
Anonymous Donor
Thais Kibler
Joseph Donnelly
David Eastis
Joseph Taylor
Amy Barnowski
Anonymous Donor
Susan Jaeckel
Bren Beard
Ken Honsberger
Stephen Shulder
Julene Simmons
Mary Keller
Mark Deany
Whitney Harrison
Sage Crosslin
Micky Torpedo
Aaron Witten
Kylie Sowder
Teri Doolittle
Shari Thompson
Bob Wittock
Tony Hall
John Koenig
Julie Pluss-Phelps
Todd Snead
Greg Newell
Kelly Couvelaire
Sherry Somerville
Sara Hobbs
Tom Shelton
Tony Hall
Joseph Taylor
Kristy Smith
Kim Rios
Kelly Couvelaire
Dan Jiracek
Terry Nolan
Ed Collins

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