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Our 2020 Year-End Goal

We believe that music, motion, and the passionate pursuit of excellence dramatically influences the leaders of tomorrow.

We know because we’ve seen it. For over 60 years, our accomplished alumni have taken the lessons learned from Phantom Regiment with them to lead ensembles, classrooms, businesses, communities, the armed forces, and more.

In past years, our annual year-end campaign was one of only three major campaigns that fund all of the programs that Phantom Regiment offers throughout the year.

But, this is 2020.

This year, your support means a future for Phantom Regiment.

While we are hopeful that 2021 will bring us back to the field, and back together, but there are still many unknowns as we head into the coming year.

This holiday season, we hope you will consider including Phantom Regiment in your year-end giving plan. We know that this year has been challenging for so many. So, we’ve put together several options to ensure that every alumni, family member, or phan can help support Phantom Regiment as we close out this very unusual year.

You can help us as we rebuild, reimagine, and revive our most impactful performing arts experiences.

Experiences like:

Phantom Regiment Drum Corps

Phantom Regiment Drum Corps

Our world-renowned drum corps has been entertaining audiences with thrilling performances for over 60 years. This premier program has been a celebrated training ground for future performing arts educators, business leaders, veterans, and more.

PR Academy

PR Academy

The PR Academy gives young performers an opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in the world. With virtual and in-person opportunities for performers of all levels, the PR Academy brings the Phantom Regiment, life-changing performing arts experience to students around the world.

Rockford Rhythm

Rockford Rhythm

This percussion program is aimed at helping Rockford area students learn valuable life-skills and discover the joy of music through drumming. With performance opportunities at high-profile events, this group is making a major impact within the local community.

PR Festivals

PR Festivals

Our high school marching and concert band festivals are some of the best in the midwest, providing students and educators alike with an opportunity to hone their skills at some of the best facilities in the midwest.

Please consider one of the following ways to support Phantom Regiment this holiday season.

And, as always, THANK YOU for being a hero for the next generation of passionate performing arts advocates!

Ways to Give

Donor Wall of Fame

The following donors have supported the future of Phantom Regiment with a gift during our Year-End Giving Campaign.

Neil & Virginia Lettinga
Joseph Taylor
Daniel Fibus
Mary Brooks
Jennifer Carr Duenke
Robert Cawthorne
Kelly Couvelaire
Diana Dickson
Renee Fieldhouse
Christian Gonzales
Becky Haeusler Wrona
Tony Hall
Todd Hudson
Teena Kae
Tina Martens
Greg Newell
Harold Orcutt
Jason Plawner
Sandra Ridder
Maria Rivas
David Warren
Bob Wittock
Reggie Adams
Anthony Frederick Aranda
Joshua Arnott
Leya Baker Hoy
Joni Barth
John Baumgartner
Gretchen Behimer
John And Barb Benson
Mark Borcovan
David Carr
Stephanie Chavez
Connie Chiodo
Taylor Clements
Ed Collins
David Crouch
Jeff Dahlberg
Mark Dombroski
Anonymous Donor
Sam Fetcho
David Givens
Barb Glasscoe
Jeff Godtland
Griff Godwin
Karen Graves
Chris Hartowicz
Susan Hess
Lee Howard
Dennis Howland
Joe Huls
Susan Jaeckel
Missy Jenkins
Harry Koehnemann
Robin Lanning
Barry Lasswell
Mike Mann
Rebecca Maria
Rachel Martiniak
Curtis Matlin
Allison Mayer
Loren Mccourt
Charlie Mcdonald
Dawn Mcdougald
Madeline Mckinney
Bobbie Nelson
Sara Neumann
Linda O’Connor
Molly Ohare
Michelle Orendorff
Greg Orwoll
Aaron Ozminski
Amanda Petro
Nikk Pilato
Dan Reese
Hannah Reese
Peg Ripley
Eva Robb
Michelle Rojo
Darlene Schoepski
Ron Schulz
Chris Scott
Alfred Segovia
Kristy Smith
Jane Sommer
Gregg Strand
Walter Strieff
Michael Sullivan
Michelle Sweet-Myers
Brett Thomas
Ryan Tysdal
Rick Valenzuela
Nathan Van Dam
Jon Vandegrift
Tim Warren
Kathy Wight
Paula Wilcox
Mark Wimmer
Joel Wittert
Veena Bhatia
Kevan Carichner
David Keith
Justin Preece
Anita Atwood
John Donahue
Alex Downs
Karen Elsby
Sheri Goessling Elfreich
Sarah Harcey-Anderson
David Harris
Tyler Hicks
Tom Marshall
Deborah Mitzman
Toni Rae Outland-Germain
Becky Smith
Julia Walker
Steve Auditore
Jami Brokering
Larry Case
Liz Chinn
Julia Dahm
Bobby Divin
Aletha Dunston
Rob Ferguson
Lori Flores
Brenda Frazier
Kristen Hall
Kendall Hansen
Todd Harris
Cathy Hartowicz
Jerry Johnson
Sarah Rohwedder Dobecki
Peggy Snyder Casey
Jason Speth
Holly Stafford
Makenzie Tomlinson
Barbara Vaughn
Kimberly Vernon
Kyle Walker
Vicki Walker
Scott Woodford
Ellen Evans
Bob Hazen
Matt O’Brien
Michael Roy
Helen Vaughn
Claudia Harris
Dale Young
Veronica Flores
Keith Kadel
Millie Marie
Peter Bond
Ross Cawthon
Thomas Lindsay
Douglas Steinbrech
William Thomas
Jim Wren
Janet Anderson
Judith Cross
Judy Cross
Jeff Davis
Jeff Gray
Leigh Howard
David Mairs
Robert Mcconnell
Erin Mulcahey
Cheryl Quaine
Theressa Roherty
Julie Slick
Joel Toupin
Betsy Williams
Sharon Haughton
Michael Heiter
Diane Risley
John Toupin
Duane Akers
Patty Kirkham
Donna Mcdaniel
Jim Heitz
Michelle Janes
Patrick Mott
Belinda Thompson
Jeff Chiu
Edward Collins
Kathy Elifrits
Stacie Raymer
Kash Barker
Rhonda Bryce
Linda Huff
Michael Jones
Joanne Dawson
Mark Hill
John Yuille
Jackie Gallagher
Joseph Hickey
Justin Shore
Nancy St Angel
Kaatherine Vehe
Vincent Good
Matt Mongeau
Becky Nelson
Virginia Williams
Carole Gatwood
Kyle Kadell
Ezekiel Jackson
Dustin Wilcox
Byron Dill
Joseph and Mari-Ann Hoke
William Cook
Terry Nolan
Mary Philipps
Mary Jo McEnery
Kim Peterson
Mark Deany
Michael Sullivan
Wil Vanderroest
Matt Miller
Jim Devine
Geri Williams-Jenkins
Bob Smith
Jeannine Scott
Justin Clintsman
Joseph Rayes
Michael Wilson
Galen Karriker
Paula Vandiver
Kendall Northcraft
Dave Bartel
Linda Waller
Vic Kulinski
Don Fortner
Lee Timer
Jennifer Beam
Ash Rundquist
Cathy Russell-King