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Our 2022 Year-End Goal

We believe that music, motion, and the passionate pursuit of excellence dramatically influences the leaders of tomorrow.

We know because we’ve seen it. For over 60 years, our accomplished alumni have taken the lessons learned from Phantom Regiment with them to lead ensembles, classrooms, businesses, communities, the armed forces, and more.

Over the past year, we’ve experienced tremendous growth in all areas of our organization. The Drum Corps completed its first full season in 3 years, with an exciting, Finals night jump to the highest DCI Championship placement since 2016. Our PR Academy is also flourishing: Nearly 200 students attended the return of our in-person summer camps across the county, Rockford Rhythm has almost doubled in size, and approximately 2,500 students participated in our marching and concert band festivals.

There is no question:
Phantom Regiment is stronger than ever because of you.

As we look forward to 2023, you can help us continue this momentum with a gift during our Year-End campaign. There is no better time to become a sustaining donor through our monthly or annual giving program, Club56. You can also help us kick-off our 3-year-long capital campaign to offset the cost of a brand new mobile kitchen with a donation to Feeding our Future.

A $100 commitment to either program earns you a lapel pin featuring the No Walk Too Far logo, and a $250 gift includes a No Walk Too Far coffee mug.

Phantom Regiment is ready to move forward in the coming year, but we’ll need your support to continue our momentum. Will you join us?

Together, we grow.

Ways to Give

Feeding our Future

Santa in Truck Towing The Phan Shop Trailer

Help us purchase a new Food Truck!

After 34 years on the road, thousands of miles traveled, and millions of meals served, our beloved mobile kitchen “aged-out” after the 2022 drum corps season. As a result of several strategic financial decisions, we’ve made the downpayment on a new mobile kitchen – due to arrive in the spring of 2023.

Now is your chance to help invest in the most vital member of the Phantom Regiment fleet, and feed the future generations of young Phantom Regiment performers.

Our mobile kitchen serves more than meals.

The Phantom Regiment Food Truck is the lifeblood of our members, staff, and volunteers on tour, providing:

Help us offset the over $600,000 price-tag of a brand new, state-of-the art food truck with a donation to the Feeding our Future capital campaign, today.

Psssst… check out the new trailer graphics in the image above – coming to a tour stop near you in 2023!!

Donor Wall of Fame

The following donors have supported the future of Phantom Regiment with a gift during our Year-End Giving Campaign.

Feeding our Future

J.R. Schroeder
Ron Schulz
James Bergschneider
Barry and Kim Peterson
Gregg Strand
Rowen Bell
Megan Bradberry
Gregory Vogel
Susan Jaeckel
Jennifer Vance
Jon Vandegrift
Christopher Chaffin
Michael A Hernandez
Tim Rutkoske
Cindy Hester
Sandra Fetcho
Susan Hess
Sherri Seem
virginia williams
David Leonard
Nancy St Angel
jim forshay
Joanne M Dawson
Harold Venable
Walter Strieff

Welcome to Club56!

Joseph Sensor
Gary Seifert
Robert Cawthorne
Joel Wittert
Kevin Down
Tonya Williams
Kellie Simerly
Carlos Bautista
Rebecca & Joe Huls
Michael Munday

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