Here is another great way to help support Phantom Regiment. For each dollar you spend at your local Office Depot or online at, 5% will go towards Phantom Regiment when you give them our code. When asked what school you’d like to help, give them code 70215520 – Phantom Regiment.

Done! It is as easy as that!

5% of your purchase will come back to us in the form of an accumulated gift card when you give them our code. This will allow us to buy ANY of the great products that are sold at Office Depot.

By using our code you can help us purchase the computers, fax machines, copiers, paper, tables, toner, and many more items that we use on a regular basis. We run currently on either used or borrowed equipment, so remembering by using our code you will help us tremendously.

Code: 70215520
School: Phantom Regiment

For online orders simply place your order first. Once you have completed your order and have an order number, click on the Donate 5% button. This will take you to a field where you enter your Office Depot order number, the school name is Phantom Regiment, the school number is our code, 70215520, the city is Rockford and the state is Illinois. It’s that simple!

Set us up at your office so everyone uses our code – every little bit helps! Thanks for your continued support of the Phantom Regiment.

Office Depot and Phantom Regiment & Taking Care of Business

Shop online at Office Depot here.

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