Well, Mother Nature tried to trick us and she did. The rain started to come down in buckets starting about 2 hours before the show started. Wind and rain so heavy, you would have never thought a show would take place.

The weatherperson on the TV was showing rehearsal from earlier in the day and said, “Those of you going to Laidley Field for Drums Across the Tri-State won’t have to worry, the storm will pass through about 7:15 and the show should go on.”

Well, he was correct on all accounts. The stands filled with faithful drum corps fans and new viewers that never saw a drum corps show before, thanks to the TV, radio, and newspapers that were more than happy to promote a family night in Charleston.

All the groups that performed put aside the adversity of their day and gave the crowd what they came for… Great Drum Corps!

At the end of the night, the Phantom Regiment set up their encore arc and a majority of the crowd stayed and cheered the members on. Even after a rough afternoon of wind and rain, they wanted more drum corps and got it… Regiment style.

Special Thanks to:

George and Elaine Kerr, their family and the staff of Kerr’s Music World for their sponsorship and support. They are truly dedicated people to the musical arts and Charleston should be proud to have them support music education in their area.

Ric Cochran at V100 FM radio (listen live at www.v100.fm). Ric is a former Finleyville Crusader from Pittsburgh and a DJ at the station. His radio commercial for the event was one of the most professional that we have ever heard and his dedication to drum corps is sincerely appreciated. Ric was the announcer at the show and I sat next to him during Phantom Regiment and the “WOWS!” from him came at near record pace. Each station in the V100 group was excited to promote the show. A lot of the DJ’s and talk show hosts had either been to a shows before when they were little or had family that marched. Thank you.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Great rooms, well kept, friendly and helpful staff.

Read more on the event on the Charleston Gazette

Thank you again Charleston. See you down the road.