Dear Friend of the Phantom Regiment:Hopefully you received our end of the year campaign letter we sent back in September. If you donated already – thank you!!! I apologize for sending you another email. One of the improvements I’m looking to make in 2015 includes a more robust donor management system that will allow us to segment our mailings.

If you haven’t donated yet, this is the perfect reminder for you. ūüôā There’s still time to make a last minute tax-deductible contribution for 2014. By doing so, you’ll receive a tax break and support the youth programs of the Phantom Regiment.

Our organization continues to grow and is more fiscally responsible than ever before. Five years ago, this campaign was to help us pay of the summer’s expenses. Nowadays, this campaign helps us plan for the future. A future that looks merry & bright!

By reaching our goal for this campaign, we will be able to keep increases to our students for the programs down to a minimum – or no increase at all. This applies to our drum corps membership dues as well as our educational camp dues.

Last year on the final day we were $18,000 short of our goal. With your help, we did REACH our goal! So with this year’s shortfall – I know we can overcome it once again! We need to raise $16,000 in the finals days of 2014. Can you help us reach our goal? Donate now by clicking here.

Your tax-deductible contribution will make a huge impact. Every dollar helps as we strive to provide a life-changing experience for the young people in our youth programs.

For instance, a donation of $200 can…

  • ¬†¬†¬† Bring us 1.25% closer to our goal
  • Is 6.67% of the total cost of an average fuel stop for our fleet
  • Buy 2 days worth of milk (10 gallons), orange juice (6 gallons) and bread (15 loafs)

But what you can’t compare dollars & cents to is the experience the young people in our programs receive.
Our programs that you help support continue to provide a life-changing experience. But don’t take my word for it – hear from some of the young people that have benefited from the Phantom Regiment:

My involvement in the Phantom Regiment has been the single most defining experience of my life. It is impossible to put a price tag on what I have gained from this organization not only as a performer or an educator but as a person. Phantom Regiment taught me to expect the very best out of myself and those that I work with. I was pushed to my limits mentally, physically, and emotionally while also creating lifelong connections with the most incredible people I have ever had the privilege to know.”

 Robert Marshall, Tuba 2011-14

Atlanta Ga.


They say it takes seven years to truly establish a never-ending, lifelong friendship. At a place like Phantom, it only takes three short months. I have no doubt that these people with whom I spent so many both difficult and amazing days will be my closest of friends, my Phamily, for the rest of my days and for that, I am eternally grateful to this organization.

 Keri Beener, Color Guard 2011-14

  Prairie City, Iowa



The Regiment has given me a new vision on what I’d like to do with my life, educate. I can honestly say that without this organization I would not be where I am today and accomplishing the goals I’ve set for myself.”

 Harold Sedano, Trumpet 2012-14

Houston, Texas



Each summer, I fall more in love with the Phantom Regiment.¬† The celebrations and friendships I’ve created here are those I will always hold close to my heart.¬† The emotion the corps produces through its music and performance is among one of the many attributes as to why I am proud to call this place my home. I will always be thankful for my time with the Regiment.”

 Allison Mayer, Color Guard 2012-2014

  Charlotte, N.C.


It’s truly wonderful to see the positive effects our organization has on so many young people. These represent¬†just a few of the thousands of students lives we have the opportunity to positively impact again this year.¬† We have a terrific staff and volunteer base that help provide this great experience. But it’s truly our donor base that provides us the ability to make all this happen.

Click here to donate

As the end of the year approaches, I hope you consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help continue the success of our organization and all of the young people that participate in our programs. Any amount is greatly appreciated! It’s quick and easy to¬†donate here¬†(mobile friendly¬†form here).¬†

Thank you for your support!

Rick Valenzuela
Executive Director

From my family, and my extended phamily… we wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year!