By now, you should have received our end of the year campaign letter in your mailbox. Due to the high cost of printed mailings, we only do two a year. If you didn’t receive the end of the year letter, we may not have your current address. If you send me that info, we will update our records.

Our end of the year campaign used to go toward helping us recover from the expenses of the summer (especially fuel costs). The financial future of Phantom Regiment continues to improve, however, and we’re happy to say that this campaign now helps us make capital improvements and, more importantly, keep membership dues down.

Last year we were able to purchase a new minivan. This is our lead vehicle during the summer and a critical addition to our fleet. Besides acting as the advance scout vehicle at night, it makes runs to the health clinic, airport and grocery store for milk and bread during the day! (Did you know? We go through 10 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread every day.)


We were also able to keep membership dues — which are more than $3,000 — from a steep increase. That doesn’t include the members’ travel costs to monthly rehearsal camps. The dues only cover approximately 23% of the actual cost to the organization. The remainder of that cost is raised through our various events and fundraisers. Basically, it’s people like you who cover that other 77%! Because of our successful fundraising year, the membership dues increase this year was only $50.

But we’re in jeopardy of not having that luxury next year. We need your help. Financial responsibility has been a key to the organization’s success in recent years, and reaching our goal of $25,000 will help keep us on the right path. Currently, we are $8,100 short of that goal.

Your tax-deductible contribution will make a huge impact. Every little bit helps as we strive to provide a life-changing experience for the young people in our many programs.

For instance, a donation of $100 …

  • will bring us 1.23% closer to our goal
  • is 3.33% of the cost of an average stop for the fleet at the gas station during summer tour
  • will buy a day’s worth of milk (10 gallons), orange juice (6 gallons) and bread (15 loafs) for the drum corps

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of the young people that have benefited from the Phantom Regiment have to say:

“My experience with the two years of Phantom Regiment was a dream come true. The extreme caliber of this great organization is larger than life. Being around the members and staff really helped strengthen my confidence, and we altogether carried ourselves with an undeniable sense of class. The impact that this has on fans and people associated with Phantom Regiment is life changing.”

Stephen Nolte, Quadline 2011-12

Cleveland, Tenn.

“We have this incredible desire to reach into the heart of fans, get pushed to the ultimate exhaustion, and give a part of ourselves without asking for anything in return. That is who the Phantom Regiment is, and that is exactly why I’ve become the strongest version of myself I never thought was possible.”

Carrie Hodousek, Color Guard 2010-12

Pomona, N.J.


“No words can sum up the gratitude that I have being a part of this world-class organization. Being a part of something much greater than yourself is something that you will carry on with you for a lifetime. I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped make my two seasons with the Regiment the greatest two years of my life. SUTA!”

Nicholas Jasso, Bassline 2011-12

Victorvile, Calif.



“I owe everything I am to the Phantom Regiment. This organization has done so much for me, and I will never be able to repay it. With this loving group of people supporting me, I know that I can do anything in this world.”

Daniel Fibus, Euphonium 2011-13

Oklahoma City, Okla.


“Phantom Regiment is a home away from home, and a true Phamily. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had for anything else in the world. I am so lucky to be a part of something so phenomenal and life-changing!”

Heidi Brooks, Color Guard 2010-13

Glenside, Pa.

Of course, besides the crown jewel of the organization, the drum and bugle corps, we’ve added many other programs over the years. Here’s an email we received from a band director whose student attended one of our numerous educational camps:


Thought you might want to hear the feedback I received from my drum major that just attended your camp.

Dear Mr. King,

WOW! Words cannot describe just how much I learned not only about conducting but for becoming a better leader for the advancement of the band. I thank you SO MUCH for suggesting the Phantom Regiment DM camp and making it an available option. It has truly been a once in a life time experience and I know the tools given to me there will be immensely helpful for Haley and I in the goal of making this the most successful year our marching band has ever had.


How about that? This was an unsolicited response. Thanks to you and your staff for making his experience enjoyable, educational, and life-changing. You’ve made my job easier and our band better. Good luck this summer and stay in touch!


Scott King

Starr’s Mill HS

Fayetteville, GA

It’s truly wonderful to see the positive effects our organization has on so many young people. These represent just a few of the thousands of students’ live we will have the opportunity to positively impact again this year.

As the end of the year approaches, I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help continue the success of this organization and all of the young people that participate in our programs. It’s quick and easy to donate here.



Thank you for continued support!



Rick Valenzuela

Executive Director



From my family, and my extended phamily…
we wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year!