We have been hard at work over the past few months working on a whole new merchandise experience for our phans. A new name and fresh designs!

The Phan Shop aims to generate revenue in support of Phantom Regiment’s mission: creating life-changing experiences through performing arts education. Additionally, the Phan Shop elevates and promotes the Phantom Regiment brand through increased visibility within the marching arts community and beyond.

Phantom Regiment has run a profitable merchandise program for decades, providing program members, families, alumni, staff, volunteers, board members, donors, and phans the opportunity to support Phantom Regiment financially by purchasing a t-shirt and wearing it proudly.

This new iteration of the Phantom Regiment merchandise program, “The Phan Shop,” will build upon the previous successes of the merchandising program with a modern approach. The ultimate goal: increase revenue and expand the Phantom Regiment brand.

We’d also like to take this time to introduce our new Merchandise Director, Zach Ashcraft. As the creator of The Couchmen Drum & Bugle Corps, Zach has turned a satirical online presence into a successful business and prominent voice within the Marching Arts community. The Couchmen has had successful exhibitions at DCI, WGI, and BOA finals, in addition to partnering with several drum corps to raise thousands in revenue for their respective merchandise programs and various scholarship funds. As the Merchandise Director, Zach will lead The Phan Shop, including spearheading the design, ordering, inventory management, fulfillment, and marketing of products as well as managing volunteer training/recruitment and sales reporting.

“I’ve been a fan of Phantom Regiment since I first saw them live in 2005,” says Zach. “I was obsessed with the show and followed the corps closely all summer. Seeing them play an encore of classic Regiment charts at the Dallas show in 2006 was the moment I knew I wanted to march drum corps. My wife, Lea, and her siblings spent a combined 13 years as members of the Phantom Regiment. I’m excited to become part of the Phamily officially!”

We will be rolling out product lines over the coming weeks and months, and the first line is up and ready to go. Introducing the Vintage Collection! Paying Tribute to our past while looking ahead to the future!

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