The Phantom Regiment Alumni Association is pleased to announce that its 2010 inductee to the Phantom Regiment Heritage Plaque is current Regiment Board President, Tim Farrell.

Tim has had a long involvement with the Phantom Regiment organization, dating back to October 1971 when he joined the brass section of the corps as a baritone player. Tim’s brothers, Dan and Jack, and his sister, Molly, also were Regiment members. Tim’s wife, Lisa, is also an alumnus of the Corps. Tim marched with the Corps until 1975. He was later a program coordinator and a brass staff member for the Phantom Regiment Cadets.

Tim’s most significant achievement with the organization has been as a member of Phantom Regiment Board of Directors. He joined the board in October 1986 and has continued to serve on the board ever since. Tim has served two different terms as President of the Board. The first term ran from 1992 through 1996. He was elected as President of the Board again in 2000 and still continues to serve in that position. The Farrell name has long been associated with Phantom Regiment Board of Directors. Tim’s father, the late Ken Farrell, also served a term as President of the Board. Ken Farrell was inducted onto the Heritage Plaque in 1999. Tim was President of the Board during the 1996 and 2008 DCI National Championship-winning years and was part of the management team that negotiated the organization’s debt retirement in 2007.   
The Phantom Regiment Heritage Plaque was created to honor individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the success of the Phantom Regiment. The Phantom Regiment and the Phantom Regiment Alumni Association would like to congratulate Tim on his achievements with the organization and on his induction to the Heritage Plaque.