We’re less than two weeks away from the first auditions for the 2024 Phantom Regiment! Auditions kick off on October 22nd in Kansas City.

Have you taken your first step in joining the next era of Phantom Regiment by registering for an in-person or video audition?

If your answer is “no,” then we have a few theories as to why:

  1. You’re over the age of 21.
  2. You’ve already been contracted with another corps.
  3. You don’t know how to toot, spin, or diddle.
  4. You’ve let an audition fear get the best of you.

Every year, we hear from talented young marching arts performers who tell us they wish they would have auditioned for Phantom Regiment… BUT….*insert fear here*.

Well, fear no more. Below is a list of the top 4 fears we hear from potential new members, along with tips, strategies, and information to help you overcome them.

Fear #1: I’m not good enough

Phantom Regiment audition experiences are designed to be a learning opportunity for any skill level. Your audition isn’t necessarily about your existing skills but how open you are to instruction and how fast you can learn. Plus, every auditionee receives valuable feedback from some of the best marching arts educators in the world, which can help you grow no matter where you march.

Speaking of… as much as your audition experience is our chance to see your skills, it is also your chance to see if you vibe with our staff, members, and culture. You may find out that you’d be a great fit for another organization through your audition experience. Our staff regularly communicates with other corps and recommends potential members to other groups.

And remember, if you ask any Phantom Regiment alum if they thought they were good enough to march Phantom Regiment, chances are they’d say “no!” Instead of succumbing to their fear, they decided to audition and see what could happen. And it did!

Fear #2: I can’t afford it

Yes, drum corps is an expensive activity. Like any extensive music training or sports club, there are costs to ensure your enjoyable and safe experience. Remember that a single member’s dues still only cover about one-third of the cost to feed, house, and transport that member of Phantom Regiment for one drum corps season. 

The good news is that we have plenty of opportunities to help members keep their out-of-pocket costs low. 

  • You can offset your costs by applying for an academic scholarship. Several opportunities are available through Phantom Regiment, Drum Corps International, and outside organizations.
  • Phantom Regiment provides an online tool for members to create their own campaign to ask for sponsorships from family, friends, and alumni.

Do you still have questions about paying your dues? Join one of our audition Facebook groups, where vets and staff are ready to help answer your questions or share their strategies for paying membership dues: Brass & Conductor, Color Guard, Percussion.

Fear #3: I don’t know anyone

You don’t need to! You will meet many new people from around the world who love performing just as much as you do. You may have seen us use the word “phamily” in the past. The word is part of the core values of our organization, and we mean it. When you’re here, you’re phamily. The first day of your audition is the last day you won’t know anyone. Welcome!

Fear #4: It’s too far away

Wherever you’re coming from, someone else is probably coming from that place, too. You can post carpool requests in the official Audition Facebook groups or ask for help figuring out the best way to travel. 

At Phantom Regiment, we are committed to ensuring your audition experience is fun, challenging, and educational — not fearful! Don’t let your fears keep you from taking your first step on the journey of a lifetime. Register for a Phantom Regiment audition experience today!