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…for a new equipment trailer!

The Phantom Regiment has been very familiar with that old saying – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. For the past 38 years, we have purchased old & beat up semi-trailers and turned them into useable equipment trailers.

IT IS TIME to finally change that.

We’re in desperate need of a new equipment trailer, and this time we are going to build it from the ground up, exactly the way we want it. The equipment trailer is home to all of our horns, drums, flags, marimbas, and other equipment & supplies we take on our 13,000 mile cross-country tour every summer.


How much will building a trailer from scratch cost? Kentucky Trailer from Louisville, will build the trailer itself from the ground up. We then plan to use hardworking volunteers in Rockford to build the inside of the trailer. That build consists of: adding an upper floor; building the cabinets and shelving for all of our equipment & supplies; and wiring for lights and electricity.

The estimated final price tag is $100,000.

The good news? We have already raised $62,000 in funding! But we need YOUR help to raise the remaining $38,000 to finish building the trailer to get on the road this summer.

Will you help us reach this goal?

I spent my past summer inside in the trailer organizing our equipment before and after every rehearsal. I have scraped my back on the rusty roof many times. A new trailer will allow us to lift/roll 350 lbs. keyboards much easier. I’m looking forward to being able to load & unload twice as fast. We can’t thank you enough for your support for a new trailer!
– Lindsay Rohskopf, 2014 – present


A new trailer can be summarized into three words: Safety, Efficiency, & Protection.


Our number one priority is always the health & safety of the members, staff & volunteers who all access the equipment trailer at some point.

  • Lightweight stairs make it much easier to raise & lower by one person
  • Easier to load 350 lb. marimbas (lifting is reduced by over 1 foot)
  • Ramp in back allows heavier equipment to be rolled in
  • Stairs in back of trailer eliminate need to climb 8′ high to load
  • Strategically designed lighting makes it much safer & easier to load


New loading & unloading efficiencies will provide the members with more time to rest, shower and eat.

  • Built for 150 members (instead of 128)
  • Store 18 tubas (up from 13) but in specially designed racks
  • Front ensemble can now load trailer from each side and the back
  • Unistrut® type rack system allows shelves & cabinets to be quickly & easily adjusted to fit storage needs in the future


Our equipment trailer stores & transports over $275,000 worth of equipment and supplies. The new larger trailer is designed to have a specific home for every item – from instruments & sewing machines, to each box of field lining paint.

  • 53′ trailer has 5′ additional space
  • Specially designed uniform racks to accommodate 150 members
  • Each helmet has its own specific bay instead of being put in a pillow case and stacked on top of each other
  • Carpeted shelves and cabinets
A new trailer would be such a huge help for everyone, but especially the front ensemble. Our current trailer isn’t designed for the number & size of instruments we use today. When it would suddenly rain, it was almost impossible to get everything loaded quickly, properly and safely. A new trailer would solve all of these isssues. Please help make this a reality for us, and for those that follow in our footsteps in this great organization!
– Samantha Hidalgo, 2013 – present
  • Built to last – more than doubles the lifespan of our previous trailers
  • Lighter & easier-to-extend stairs for entrance/exit
  • Built-in storage cabinets to keep everything from drumsticks to sewing machines
  • Storage space with power to charge portable speakers
  • Built-in toolbox to keep much needed tools from being misplaced
  • Better designed uniform/costume racks – designed for more airflow to increase drying after performances
  • Helmet bays – for the first time ever, each helmet will have a dedicated storage bay
  • 4 side doors for the front ensemble to load/unload and ramp accessible from the back door
  • High brass instruments accessible from outside doors alleviates the need for 40 members from entering the trailer to retrieve instruments
  • Tubas will have customized storage spaces built to protect horns without using cases which takes up at least twice the amount of space
  • Improved lighting inside as well as outside at loading doors
  • Reinforced front corners to help protect from low lying tree branches


Will you help Phantom Regiment in one of its largest campaigns ever, and secure a huge part of our future with your contribution?

A corporate gift and 9 generous donors have already pledged the initial $62,000, leaving only $38,000 needed to get this vital piece of equipment ready to tour with the 2015 Phantom Regiment.

We can only do that with the help of our heroes…YOU!

Your tax-deductible contribution of any dollar amount will be seen not only by you, but by thousands of people across the country, as we take this beautiful new equipment trailer on tour.

Be a part of a Phantom Regiment legacy that will last another 30 years! 
Helmet Bays
The helmet is iconic to the Phantom Regiment. For only $500, you can sponsor your own bay where a small plaque will display your name for the life of the trailer. These spots will sell out quickly so donate today!

Donors who pay in full will get first priority and can choose their helmet bay number. Otherwise, make monthly payments through February 29, 2016, and you will be assigned a random helmet bay number.

To me, wearing the helmet symbolizes everything the Regiment is about. Putting it on for each performance fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride that I am contributing to such a rich history as ours.
– Jonathan Probst, 2013 – present


Door Recognition

Those that contribute $1,000 or more, will have their name proudly displayed on the back door of the brand new equipment trailer. Names will be grouped by donation amount and then listed in order received.

Donors who pay in full will get first priority and will receive a helmet bay (until sold out). Otherwise, you can make monthly payments through February 29, 2016.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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