Phantom Regiment is excited to announce a new partnership with Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) for the 2019-2020 season. 

UDB technology works in direct conjunction with our drill writing technology and is delivered instantly to our members’ phones using the UDB App. UDB also provides customized dot books printed with individual dots and notes for each member.

UDB is the best tool out there for learning and teaching drill. It provides the performers with all the information they need to execute at a high level. And it helps our staff to study, plan, and deliver instruction as we stage and clean the show. – Andrew Desmond, Visual Caption Head

Our designers, instructors, and members are already utilizing this technology while learning, refining, and practicing their 2019 production, “I Am Joan.” Check out the video below for testimonials from the field!

UDB Tour Fee Giveaway

UDB is awarding over $4000 to help students march drum corps in 2020. The competition culminates in a live competition on the field during semi-finals. The winner will have their tuition paid for by Ultimate Drill Book for their first season of drum corps. Get more information at