Phantom Regiment’s board of directors convened March 11-13 in Chicago. On the agenda: in-depth discussion and strategic planning for the future of Phantom Regiment. A few sentiments were shared by all:

  • We’re proud of how far we’ve come
  • We’re comfortable with getting uncomfortable
  • We’re excited about the future

With board members spread around the country  – coupled with the challenges of COVID-19 – this was the first time since January 2020 that the board had met in the same room. And it was the first time many board members had the chance to shake hands with CEO Dr. Todd Snead, who was hired in September 2021.

“It was a great opportunity to meet Todd,” said Brandon Stansbury, who is in his second year on the board. “I’m super-excited about what he brings to the table.”

The board of directors is keenly aware that progress does not come without challenges, too.

“[The discussions] can get a little uncomfortable because we try to step outside the box where we can,” said Jeff Hassan, who is in his fifth year as vice president and 12th year on the board. “But that’s good. Feeling uncomfortable at all levels of the organization is important … we grow from that.”

One thing that was abundantly clear throughout the weekend was the pride that all of the board and staff have in being part of Phantom Regiment.

“You should be proud of having been a part of this organization,” said seventh-year board member Robin Lanning of Phantom Regiment’s alumni and supporters. “And we need you.”

Robert Cawthorne, the organization’s guru of merchandise, social media, and videography, interviewed a few board members to get their thoughts on the weekend. Watch this video to learn more.