Alumni Sue Thomas tells us BRIAN DUFOUR (’82-’84, staff ’87-’93) and his wife Ann and 2 children are safe. They evacuated from New Orleans
to Little Rock and are now on their way to Baton Rouge and will be staying with Brian’s mom. Sadly, they have lost everything.

DUANE LEBLANC (’90-’92) emails us: “My family and I all made it out. I am living in Baton Rouge and am a high school band director. Many of my family lived in Slidell and Chalmette and lost everything. We are taking care of them and they will bounce back.”

“I am also in the National Guard, they released all teachers and college students today. My unit is still in the disaster zone and will remain
there as long as needed (possibly Christmas). We got A/C and sewage yesterday. They are still guarding the Emergency Opporations Center in
Gulfport 24 hours a day. Many of them have families that have been displaced and two of them lost their homes. Please keep them in your
prayers. I was able two spend some time handing out food, water, ice, diapers, clothes….. to victims. I wanted to let you all know how couragous many of these people are. Though many of them have lost everything I could not tell you how many of them stopped at our guard shack or in the food line offering us water. Many were smiling and kids were playing. At the the POD (water distribution site) we often had to turn volunteers away. One lady arrived at the EOC gate during my duty time and offered her vehicle to transport water and ice to the victims. She had three kids in the car and had lost everything.”

MONTE MAST (’84) tells us this about ROBERT NUNEZ (’83-’85): “Robert is now in Houston, he lost his apartment and his job (who knows when or even if the financially troubled Louisiana Symphony can recover). His mother’s home in the Chalmette area not only received significant water damage, but a nearby oil barge ruptured leaving the house coated inside and out with crude oil.”

DAN FARRELL notes this regarding ROBERT NUNEZ: Robert was the tuba player for the Louisiana Philharmonic as well as playing with various Dixieland/Jazz bands, and teaching low brass at Tulane University. He’s now looking for work in Texas and can be contacted through Dan Farrell ([email protected]).

BRADY BROUSSARD (member 92-95, staff ’97,’98) tells us: “I live in New Orleans and work as a chef in the French Quarter – until Katrina washed us out of there. My entire family had evacuated and are all safe and well. A few family members houses are water logged and some are basically no more including mine. I lived in the mid-city/city park area that is mostly under water, but we have our health and our lives to be thankful for. Thank you very much to anyone who has been so helpful or just have been concerned for us. God bless everyone.”

JOHN CAREY (’84,’86) e-mailed to say New Orleans residents MARK FAYARD (’82,’83,’87) and family are safe.

JOHN WOOTEN (long time member and staffer) tells us that he and his family rode out the storm at home (they live near Hattiesburg, Ms) and are OK. The house suffered considerable damage from fallen trees and will have to be rebuilt totally, though their possessions inside fared little to no damage.

Dan Farrell reports that MARTY HURLEY (staff ’75-’92)is safe as he and family fled to Lafayette before Katrina hit. As of now his New Orleans suburban home has not flooded, but he fears his school (Brother Martin HS) may be underwater.

Dan Richardson reports that JOHNNY SANCHEZ (former staff member)and his wife and newborn are safe in Baton Rouge, though the status of his home in New Orleans is unknown.

Chris Hartowicz reports that BRANDON STANSBURY (’02, Mgt ’03-’05) and ROBIN HARTOWICZ (02,03, Mgt ’04, ’05) are safe with Robin’s family in Indiana and their Hammond, La. apartment (just north of New Orleans) has sustained little damage. However, sadly, Brandon’s parent’s home (just west of New Orleans) is completely under water.

LAUREN WALCK (’05) emails us: I’m a student at LSU in Baton Rouge, and things are ok here. LSU sustained very little damage, and is now focused on providing shelters for New Orleans flood victims. A lot of the students left on campus, including myself, are helping out the Red Cross by volunteering at the shelters, as class is cancelled until next Wednesday. My family in Mobile, AL is fine, but there is a lot of debris and trees down in our yard. My uncle’s house was completely destroyed though, as he lived right on the bay. Thanks for posting this information about everyone down here. It’s nice to know people are ok.

Emily Fetcho (’05) tells us KENDALL LEJUENE (’05) is safe and doing fine in Lafayette. He was set to begin school at U-Southern Mississippi but isn’t sure when classes will be able to start.

JON DE SILVA (’82,’83) reports to us: My family and I evacuated to the Atlanta area before Hurricane Katrina hit and are staying at a friend’s home. There is no word on the condition of my home or if it has been looted.

Tony Sadlon (’02,’05) tells us JAMES RILEY (’05) is safe with friends in Texas, though his home near Slidell is most likely gone.

JEFF PROSPERIE (’87,’88 and staff ’90-’94) reports that he and family are safe at home in Lafayette and suffered no damage. His mother’s home in Thibodeaux had power issues, but nothing else severe.

Cadets director George Hopkins reports that MOE LATOUR (former PR tour manager), a long-time tour manager for the Cadets, is safe with his family at a hotel in Baton Rouge. His house in Kenner, La., needs a new roof, but is otherwise fine.

Know of the welfare of other Regiment family members? Let us know at [email protected]. Our thoughts and prayers are with all.