Recently aged-out? Looking for an excuse to attend audition camp? Want a low cost way to give back to the corps?

We’re looking for volunteers to assist with setting up, stocking, and selling souvenirs at the November Audition Camp. Also, we’re looking for a few to help out with registration duties. This is a great excuse to take a trip up to Illinois to visit with phamily and phriends, as well as do a little bit of work that is a lot of help to the corps.

We would like to have enough volunteers to schedule some shifts, so that everyone is able to help but also able to have some time to spend visiting. This is also an excellent opportunity to get a feel for what volunteering on tour is like, and hopefully some of you will get the bug and come on the road with us this summer!

If you are interested, please email Robin Hartowicz at [email protected] with the days and times you will be available.

Oh, and although we love to have former members and long time staff helping out, we always appreciate new faces and phans! So feel free to let us know if you can make it, and we will see you at audition camp!