If you are interested in coming out to a rehearsal site while the corps is on the road, please click on the Daily Events Calendar on the top right of the front page of our website. From there you will find every place we will be while out on the road including our daily schedule.

To find the housing site and show information, click in the orange tab at the top of that day. If there is no information on the day you want to come out and watch rehearsal, please check back later. We update the information as soon as we confirm housing locations and daily schedules.

The rehearsal schedules for San Antonio and Atlanta will not be posted until the morning of those days. The performance schedule for all corps for San Antonio is decided based on the order of finish from both Houston and Dallas and Atlanta is based on the order of finish from the 2 days in Murfreesboro leading into that weekend. Once we know our performance time we back the day up to set our rehearsal schedule.

And while we love to see alumni, parents, friends and Phans out on the road throughout the summer, our DCI finals housing site is not published. We hope you can understand our wishes to keep the hype of finals down so we can concentrate on the task at hand.