Chers Phans,
Salut! Je m’appelle Genevieve Gahagan, et je suis très enthousiaste à vous raconter mes histoires de la saison dans ces journaux! Je fais partie de Phantom Regiment Color Guard depuis trois ans.

Dear Phans,
Hello! My name is Genevieve Gahagan, and I am very excited to tell you some of my stories about the season in these journal entries! I am currently a third-year member of the Phantom Regiment Color Guard.

Welcome to our first entry of the 2015 season! To give you a little background information about myself, I am 20 years old, though I will be turning 21 on June 9th. I was born in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, and currently live in Salem, Oregon, where I am in my third year of attending Willamette University. I will graduate in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in French & Francophone Studies, and two minors in Dance and Classical Studies.

Last fall, I had the incredible opportunity of studying abroad in Paris, France for four and a half months. I lived in an apartment in the northeast corner of the city (the 18th arrondissement, for those of you that are familiar with the neighborhoods). Most of my classes were at the Sorbonne, where I studied French Literature and Poetry. My favorite part of studying abroad in France was walking around the landmarks just after sunset, when they would start to light up. Many of the most memorable nights were spent with good friends along the Seine River, gazing at the glowing Eiffel Tower, and its shimmering reflection in the currents of the river.

And so it is very fitting that this summer I will get to bring all of that gorgeous imagery to all of you on the field! Before coming to Phantom Regiment in 2013, I marched two seasons with the Oregon Crusaders, and have also participated in both of their indoor programs. I was contracted with PR in 2013 as a color guard alternate, and did not end up performing in the show that season. Although it was hard for me, the experience renewed my passion for drum corps and taught me to take advantage of every opportunity to perform, not just while wearing the costume. Two years later, I am as proud as ever to be a part of the Phantom Regiment.

It is Monday, the 27th of April, and I am on my flight home from April camp weekend with the full corps. I have always loved April camp, because it’s the first real taste of what the summer will be like. For many years, it has been held at Beloit Memorial High School in Beloit, Wisconsin, and the rich history of past camps is always palpable; when I arrive, it feels like coming home.

This weekend we had the pleasure of getting to know our staff. There are new faces in front of us this year, but they are all so intelligent and well-versed in the activity. They gave us such great information, things that I had never even thought of in my 5th year of DCI. I also had the pleasure of meeting so many talented and inspiring young women. The hardest part about auditions is knowing that we can’t have a 60 person guard, but I believe that we made the most of our time with the auditionees.

Hearing the full run-through on Sunday afternoon was a huge moment of realization for me. This summer is going to be absolutely incredible, and unlike anything that we have put out in the past decade. The corps is already meshing together in such a beautiful way, it’s very exciting to wonder where we can go in the next few months.

FRIDAY SNACK: Cold-cut sandwiches, chips, and schmoo
SATURDAY SNACK: Pizza (!!!) and brownies (!!!!!!!!)
FAVORITE MOMENT: Seeing all of my amazing sisters and meeting the new members that I will spend my summer with!
SHOUT-OUT: My supportive parents, John and Mary Jane, for letting me go on all of these wild adventures, and still loving me whether I’m across the world or napping on their couch at home. XOXO

La musique de cette saison est chargée d’émotion.
The music of this season is full of emotion.

J’aime manger de la pizza!
I love eating pizza!

Ma famille me manque déjà…
I already miss my phamily…

Merci d’avoir lu ce journal!
Thanks for reading!

Geneviève Gahagan