During the summer, the top 4 frequently asked questions include: 1) What’s the schedule for today? 2) Where is the corps rehearsing today? 3) When does the corps perform tonight? 4) How do I get tickets to the show? Here are the answers…

1) Our hourly schedule is live and up to date using the link below. If the schedule changes, it’ll change here too.


2) When you view the calendar link, click on the banner for that day and a box will open with the housing location.

3) When you view the calendar link, the daily schedule will show our performance time. Or you can also click on the banner for that day and see the entire show schedule.

4) The following link is an interactive & graphic layout of our 2013 summer tour. When you click on the push pin for the show you want, you can get to that show’s website by clicking on the City, State. From there, you can find out how to get tickets to that show.

2013 PR Summer Tour

View 2013 Phantom Regiment Summer Tour in a full screen map

The weather on the front page of regiment.org will show the weather for the current show or rehearsal location for that day. So you can follow along with us and know if we’re outside rehearsing or inside waiting for a storm to pass.

Also, don’t forget mail stops! Everyone loves receiving mail from home while on the road.

2013 Mail Stops