For over 60 years, Phantom Regiment has provided life-changing experiences through performing arts for thousands of young people around the world. This year, we decided to gather some of their stories to share them with you.

One of our core values, “phamily”, rings true through the stories we hear from volunteers who become lifelong donors; from parents of former members who still find their way to a show every year; to staff members who marched elsewhere but are embraced with open arms; and from alumni who believe passionately that Phantom Regiment led them directly to the success they have found today. A Phantom Regiment journey is one that lasts far beyond “age-out”.

Whether you are an alumnus, a parent, a volunteer, an instructor, a donor, or simply a phan – your support makes these stories happen. You are a hero to the people below. And our annual Year-End Campaign is your opportunity to ensure that these stories continue for another 60 years.

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Do you have a PR story to tell? We’d love for you to share it with us:

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