To keep up to date on where the corps is rehearsing, performing, when they do laundry – everything, please check out the “Daily Events” Calendar at the top left of the front page of our website.

It will contain our daily schedule whether we are rehearsing or have a show or are traveling. With the spring training season just starting we will update the calendar as the season goes on and housing sites and travel times are finalized. If you are looking for a specific day’s schedule and it’s not up there yet, please be patient – it will be up when it’s finalized.

If you are looking for information on a specific show or how to get tickets, please visit for a complete listing of every show this summer. There you will be able to get information on how to purchase tickets, show times, etc. The only shows we have information on or tickets to purchase are the two shows we sponsor, Drums Across the Tri-State in Charleston, WV on June 21 and the Show of Shows in Rockford on July 18. For tickets to either of those shows, as well as DCI finals tickets in Indianapolis August 12-14, you can purchase those here on our website in the STORE tab at the top.