From past to present:

The Phantom Regiment World Class Winter Guard returns after 23 years.

Phantom Regiment is proud to announce the rebirth of the Phantom Regiment World Class Winter Guard. The guard is currently holding auditions and will rehearse in Atlanta, GA. The winter guard is a program of the Phantom Regiment under Executive Director Rick Valenzuela. The guard will be directed by Adam Sage with staff members including: Rick Subel, KC Perkins, Carolyn Crumpton-Perry, Andria Foerch, Stephanie Renell, Michael James, Michael Gaines, and Michael Floyd.

Phantom Regiment is proud to announce the huge turn out and success of their first 2007 Winter Guard audition camp held in Atlanta, GA on Sept. 9-10th. Talent, work ethic, personality, experience, and a great attitude filled every inch of the gym. The weekend kicked off with a Phantom Regiment Winter Guard history session giving insight as to what it means to be a part of the Phantom Regiment family. The participants watched WGI videos of past Regiment Winter Guard shows. They saw the traditions that they will be bringing back to the gym this winter.

After the excitement of knowing that the guard was finally materializing, auditions took place. Sessions consisting of Performance, Flag, Dance, Rifle, and Sabre were taught by world class staff members. The staff was excited to see so much talent in one gym, and the auditionees were just as excited to learn from world class, talented and caring staff members. The weekend turned out to be successful for all involved. Congratulations on a wonderful weekend and cheers to a rebirth of one of Winter Guard’s great organizations. The next audition camp for the Phantom Regiment Winter Guard will be September 22nd in Atlanta, GA.

Please visit to learn more about the Phantom Regiment World Class Winter Guard and upcoming events. Please email Adam Sage at [email protected] if you are interested in being part of the organization or have any questions.

Welcome back after 23 years!