Drum roll please….

We not only beat our goal, but pretty much smashed it! We were almost at 150% of our year-end goal! After some last minute donations and the checks that we mailed to the office that we finally tallied from over the weekend, because of our fabulous donors, we were able to finish 2016 off by exceeding our year-end campaign goal!

Thank you to all those that contributed to this campaign below! Once we get caught up, we will post of our donors throughout the year as well.

On December 29, with the last 3 days of 2016, we were behind on our annual year-end campaign by $10,000. With the help of our heroes, we were able to smash that and raise a total of $34,095!

THANK YOU for supporting our organization in 2016 and in the future!

Our Goal for the last 3 days of 2016, was to raise $10,000 before year-end!
[thermometer raised=14810 target=10000 currency=$ ]

Cindy Abell Arnold & Sue Lehto
Ronald Adams David & Becky Lendman
Arthur & Candace Adye Sr. Russ Libby
Carl Amrhein Bernie Limke
Barry Anderson E. Richard Lindsey
Derek Anderson Sharon Lock
Anonymous Donors Timothy Lofaso
Chris & Allison Atkinson Greg Lommen
Jay & Patricia Bach Judith Look
Richard & Sally Baker Kathy Louis
Kathleen Baldauf Richard & Patricia Maciaszek
Gary Barber Terry Magee
Nina and Kash Barker Christopher Maher
Dave Barlow Bill Malone
John Baumgartner Traci & Bryan Mara
Barbara Benson Connie Mara
Gregory Bettis James Marquardt
Jerry & Pat Bolstad Brian Marsalli
Joanne Borck Ramiro Martinez
Kevin Brown Carol McCabe
Rick Brown David & Katherie McCelland
Dennis Browne Donna McDaniel
Wendy Calkins Douglas McGilvray
Dennis Callahan Fred & Tonya Melchior
James Campbell James Middleton
David & Phyllis Carlson Philip & Leanna Mohr
Sunny Casarez Thomas Moore
Robert & Phyllis Chapman Tara Muscovich (Thurlby)
Adrienne Cinnamon Becky Nelson
Ron & Janet Clark David Nelson
Terry & Marilyn Clark Dr Sara Neumann
Kevin & Donna Coleman Gregory Newell
V. T. and C.A. Costa Terry Nolan
Jennifer Costello Kelly Norton
Michael & Patricia Davis Charles O’Brien
Charles & Jacqueline Davis Betty O’Neal
Leroy Davis Gary & Donna Oakes
Joanne Dawson Jeff & Julie Palkowski
Pamela Day Carolyn Faye Pape
Mark Deany Noel & Sue Perez
Alfred Deichstetter Bill Petersen
Edward DiCarlo Karl Peterson
Edward DiCarlo Raymond Pirollo
James Dixon John & Dala Prather
Leslie Draper (Haralson) Steve Proctor
Dr Michael Emery Ronald and Anastasia Raymer
John Fetcho Daniel Reese
Sandra Fetcho Marilyn Renner
Patricia Fiordelisi Patricia Riggins
Joel & Anja Firchow Michael & Sandra Robinson
Gerald & Nancy Follmar Michelle Rojo (Fernandez)
Betty Fortner Joel Ross
Ellen Franke Rex & Karen Rukavina
Mr & Mrs John Fulton Eric Sabach
Tom & Jackie Gallagher James & Arline Sadlon
Christine Garceau (McLaughlin) Carol Saluga
Ralph & Trudy Gates Richard & Barbara Schultz
Stan Ginsburg Ron Schulz
Jeffrey Godtland Timothy Shadle
Marlyn Gonzales Jana Simpson
Carla Gossell Tom Slovak
Joy Gruidl (Oshita) Dennis Smith
In Memory of Thomas Hantke Rebecca Speckman
Anne Hauser Judith Steinke
Michael Heiter Kenny Stultz
Lori & DeWayne Hellenga Michael Sullivan
Susan Hess James Syverud
George Hopkins Joseph Taylor
Cathryn Huch Brad & Margaret Tildahl
Shirley Hursh Rick & Lori Valenzulea
Bill & Patricia Hyde Jon Vandegrift
Lorene Jastram Dan & Maya Vannatta
Jerry Johnson Thomas Vassek
Curt Johnson Bill & Kathy Vehe
Kyle Kadell Robert & Mary Kathy Vigna
Jim & Debbie Kan Ronald & Lauren (Vogel) Weiss
Christopher & Krista Karabin William West
Bonnie & Arthur Klemp John Whitehead
Kevin Kloesel Carol Wilcox
Kerry Knodle Justin Wilkey
James Kordik Robert Williams
Karen Kucharski Robert Wittock
Bret and Sue Kuhn Janice Wojak
Patricia Kurowski Jim & Laura Wren
Diana Layng Mary Zimowicz