Thank you to everyone who voted in the CITGO Fueling Good program! Thanks to you, we won $5,000 in fuel from CITGO. Every dollar counts especially with fuel prices being so volatile.

We would also like to thank CITGO for providing this amazing opportunity for us. (For more information on their program –

Our annual budget (approved in September due to our fiscal year) includes $88,000 in fuel expense this year. Fuel has been difficult to budget ever since the summer of 2008 fuel crisis.

We can only hope fuel prices will be reasonable come summertime. Our national tour includes 35 shows from coast to coast over 8 weeks. We try to be in as many shows as possible. We can only do that by covering as much of the country as we do.

Your support, whether it’s with a vote or by a donation, is very important to what we do. So THANK YOU!