The Phantom Regiment presents the 2016 program…

Voice of Promise 2016

Celebrating 60 years of tradition and excellence, the Phantom Regiment presents Voice of Promise, a musical and visual celebration of finding our voice, coming into our own, and looking forward to the future.

Through exploration and taking risks, our experiences help us to discover ourselves, defining who we are and what we stand for. No journey is without its trials, but together we can grow to overcome any challenge. There are unlimited possibilities inside all of us – promises for the future just waiting to be discovered.

Both the look and sound of the 2016 Phantom Regiment explore a wide variety of hallmarks of Regiment tradition, while also exploring palettes and textures not typically associated with Regiment productions of the past. The “voice of promise” is represented both musically and visually as the hope of a better version of ourselves, waiting on the other side of our trials and experiences. Essential human qualities – strength, confidence, hope, optimism, grit – are manifested through every section of the corps in how they move, how they play, and how they perform.

For 60 years, the Phantom Regiment has lived our own promise of excellence and tradition. Our current members – and their entire generation – are the next step in fulfilling that promise, carrying our tradition of excellence forward into the future of our corps, our activity, and the world.

In all of us is a better version of ourselves…

The 2016 Program Repertoire includes:

  • Preludes for Piano, No. 14 – Dmitri Shostakovich
  • The Chairman Dances – John Adams
  • Ave Verum Corpus – Colin Mawby
  • The Darkest Moment – Rob Ferguson and Bret Kuhn
  • I’m Dreaming of Home – Philippe Rombi
  • The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – Benjamin Britten