Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce a new high school residency program offering under the umbrella of the PR Academy. Offered in partnership with Conn-Selmer, Inc., the PR Residency is a yearlong outreach program available to Illinois and Midwest area band and orchestra students.

Ensembles enrolled in a residency program have the opportunity to meet regularly with Phantom Regiment musicians and staff to learn ensemble skills, rehearsal techniques, and individual practice skills.

“Our goal is to assist school music programs, particularly in Illinois and greater Midwest”, said Stan Mauldin, Director of the PR Academy. “We want to help directors create the kind of meaningful relationships with their students that turns young people into lifelong music lovers.”

Ensemble programs that qualify for a PR Residency work closely with PR Academy staff to curate an educational program based on the group’s goals. Available resources and community support are also heavily integrated into each residency.

“We are especially excited to engage each of our Residents in live performances, sectional rehearsals, and open rehearsals with the Phantom Regiment Drum Corps,” said Mauldin.

Directors who are interested in a PR Residency for their ensemble can apply at, or click the button below.