Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with The Cavaliers, a fellow Illinois-based performing arts organization and former drum corps competitor. The new organization, CPR Events, Inc, has been formed under the leadership of Todd Snead and Monte Mast as co-CEOs.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunities this merger will open up for drum corps and performing arts in the state of Illinois and throughout the Midwest,” said Snead. “We’re only a hop, skip, and toll booth away from each other!”

Speaking of toll booths, the merger was made possible thanks in large part to a generous donation by the Illinois I-90 Tollway Authority, who granted the Belvedere Toll & Welcome centers to the new organization for offices, storage, rehearsal sites, and the new CPR Ultra-Lounge and Bingo Center. In addition, the organization has secured support from several additional key sponsors including The Hershey Company (makers of Jolly Ranchers), Beef-a-Roo Restaurant Group, and Giordano’s Restaurant Group.

“It is an interesting time to announce a merger, but the opportunities provided by our sponsors were too good to pass up,” said Mast. “We’re not sure if we’re going with Helmets or Aussies, but we’ll surely be wearing anything but blue.”

Both organizations would like to give a special acknowledgment to Monte Mast, Todd Snead, and the Martin Family – Freddy, Michael, and Chris – who had historic links to both groups and were instrumental in negotiating the agreement. Michael Martin was quoted as saying, “cool!”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our April Fool’s joke. SPLUTA!